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PLEASE be patient as I re-work through these pages - to see which ones converted correctly; and work on the missing graphics - will put back up as fast as I can

Needless to say if it were not for bad luck I would have no luck at all. At times I have felt overwhelmed about it, discouraged - I spend hours on here and into the wee hours of the morning and get snarled at that I am ruining my health, I am killing myself and nobody really care about what I do on here - BUT It keeps me alive - It keeps me going - - it gives me some kind of hope that I am worth while and my life means something. (By the way the person is no longer among the living) but I still am

Also the progress of this site has been slowed and even halted because there has been some major issues the last 15 years I am sorry for this and it is beyond my control by having to share a server site; health issues of friends I lived with and some programs becoming defunct and I yet have do not have the confidence to maintain my own personal server/hosting on my own - but I do the html (hand coding) and ftp (up-laoding)

1986-6 - It was October I know I ordered my first computer EVER from Everton's - with out any knowlege of how to operate one - let alone assemble - it came it 3-4 boxes - printer - screen - CPU etc... because of some financial problems after I ordered and when it arrived I had considered of seeing it it could be returned... it was a 2 floppy 5 1/4 drive no hard drive or internet.
    It toook 10 plus years to transfer all my paper group sheets, Xerox to PAF (Personal Ancestral File) I started with Evertons program which was just basic and 11 lines for notes and documentation

1990 – Aug 23 – my husband dies suddenly of a Myocardial Infraction - not really un-expected but possibly could of been prevented if he took his medication properly he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart the year before - only took it when he felt like it or was having chest pains
    Thus I put genealogy on the back burner… till MAy of 1994 and slowly got back into it over the next 2 year.

1991 Jan - Went back to college - to re-enforce my self taught skills bookkeeping, filing, data basing, computer etc as I was told by a local director of employers that they meant nothing without the education behind them then after I completed the 2 years got the degrees she told me the education did not count….

1991 – May - My son graduated from High School

1993 – May - I graduated from local 2 year college and daughter from High School and moved out one her own with her boyfriend now husband.

1993 – Aug. – Son finally decided to go to college received is BS, MA and Phd... smarter than mom.

1993 – Dec 16th - was in a friends house fire - we all survived - they came lived with me

1994 – May - moved in with them as a caregiver of the family etc. 1998 - the female fried was diagnosed the carotid artery blockage the specialist she seen would not do surgery till she was 95% block her dr. would not recommend another 2nd opinion.

2002 - Got Dial-up internet - the female friend developed sinus node dysfunction & had to have a pacemaker put in; Nov the mother-in-law had a stroke – ended up in hospital – Rehab then a local nursing home dying less than 5 days after she was transferred there

2002-2004 - I started teaching my self HTML and started out on free pages at Rootsweb... moved to another’s servers site under name of "Genwiz" and then finally about 2010 to "Pasttrackers"
    I was also a part of INGenWeb as county coordinator for 4 sites besides Assistant State Coordinator from September 2011; because of some things that went down I have left INGenWeb completely taking my sites with me leaving behind data that was there when I started and a little I done. It will be fun to dedicate myself to my websites again and work as I feel on them without feeling pressured. I officially quit INGenWeb as of 14 August 2012

2004 - friend with the carotid artery disease started passing out in Mar and would spend 4-6 hours in ER and be sent home or 12 hour observe… finally she had surgey in Nov. 4th on one side it was all but blocked was to go back in month for check-up surgery on other side never made it - she straed having TIA’s the local ER refused to consult her surgeon and we finally called our selves after 3 trips to the ER in less than 2 weeks… she was in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis for 2 weeks being transferred to local nursing home on Dec. 3 2004 arriving there at 7 p.m.

2004 - July - I coughed up blood for 2 mornings spent in local ER for 6 hours - while there had an MRI without dye as years ago i was alergic to IVP dye - was sent home with nop answers - was less than mile out started up again friends aske if wanted to turn around - Hell no - just went home - we got the antibotic prescribed & stuff to counteract dye recation if would happen another MRI with dye and again stil not answers... no p roblems since... the reason for my dislike of the medical system etc.

2007 - friend’s son had what we though was a cold - the father found him as a zombie and a flying trip to ST Joseph Medical Center ER – he was having silent heart attacks - was almost 100% blocked in an artery – had stent put in no problems since

2008 - My XP 2 80g drive CPU all of a sudden went black about the 29th of Aug. 2008
    Repair costs exceeded $400 and was prefaced with “We can’t promise it will work” all files on it were inaccessible - but finally maybe 4 years later a computer shop in Culver got it working and also down loaded a copy to a CD so I could have

    I was able to find a “FREE” ’95 Tiger CPU unit – which had to be de-programmed , also it was only 1.2g single drive; I also had an offer of a ‘98SE Aptiva IBM CPU unit and I met the person half way between here and Connersville which was just on the north edge of Indianapolis at Westfield. – it was a 4.5g drive

    But I did not keep any of my files on the hard drives

2009 – Jan – Feb – friends husband landed in hospital - Jaundice - found a defective valve that was calcifying open a myriad of test and finally open heart surgery to replace it.

2009 - Finally on 31st Dec. 2009 I was able to afford an off the shelf HP Windows7 computer. (by way its the one i am still using) - custom made ones just did not last :-(

2010-2011 - Katy Katy was hit BIG - TIME by a MALICOIUS, VENDICTIVE computer hacker and effected my sites
    Less than 6 months later the modem went out on it and had to be shipped back to the factory

2011 - About 17th April 2011 my dial-up internet went down it would not even come up on the Aptiva I kept for back-up the internet service PWRTC blamed Centurylink but we had full use of out going and incoming calls on the landlines – thus a change to Cenutrylink but had to wait until May 1st.

2011 Oct - I started getting all my teeth pulled took till 2013 to accomplish... no dentures as of yet

2012– Apr-Jun – friends husband had cataract surgery on both eyes – Started putting roof on my house in Culver and then its been on hold again because of health of my friends..

2016 – Nov. he landed back into hospital again - was diagnosed with not making red blood cells from then to his death he had to have weekly blood tests and and transfusion if fell at 7.5 or below depending on how he felt - mostly 2 units every 2 week – sometimes only one was given ….

2017 - Oct the son was diagnosed with Stage IVB Lung cancer - there has been a lot of trips to IU Medical/Simon Cancer Center since then…

2019 – Jun 28th - friend not making red blood cells dies

2019 – Dec 26th – friend’s wife who has been in nursing home since Dec. 3, 204 dies.

Still making trips to IU –Medical/Simon Cancer Center the future is up in the air yet and have fullfilled all but the last two promises to my friends one is being in the process of being completed... the other was to stick it out and care for the son... I am told I am foolish by some but I have always stuck by my promises even if it means I do with out and suffer and my dreams are put on hold

And all this time I would not give up on my genealogy, web sties only have fell so far behind not sure if I will be caught up and running properly but not giving up hope.

I through all this I have gotten this very selfish with my dream to save My 114+ old house (click "419 S Main" on side bar (its history) or the Facebook page is here (its messed up thanks to Facebook changing the status of the page to business); there is a go-fundme link for donations a link to it also from the Facebook page - just like it pass it on to friends if you like my dream and support it - that will be encouragement enough... its going to be a long haul...

I May be totally foolish as some have told me but I am not giving up for some unknown reason I want to move back into it and back to Culver its where my heart and soul is….

I love history - genealogy - and what better legacy to leave my children, step children, grandchildren, step-grandchildren, step-great-grandchildren, and step great-great grandchildren - some of the memories, tales, legends and myths - of David Boswell Burns - now hoping that memory serves me correctly - as piecing together. Thus I am remembering what he spoke of - and trying to document it all into whether it is factual or fiction - using my knowledge of history (instilled into me by Sister Vivian history instructor at Ancilla College) and my love of genealogy - thus the mixture of myth, legend, fact and history all mixed into on great big kettle - and stirred up - becomes - History and Genealogy of Lake Maxinkuckee It's Intrigue.

David sure left his mark on Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee - and his ever famous words when asked to do a job - "I'll be there Tuesday" I can hear those words today - and Leon Bennett was given back the sign he gave David with the saying on it [that was in his truck window for several years] - Gee, maybe I can use those words - about this site - SORRY - I'LL DO IT TUESDAY??????

Even if at this point in time it is unwanted by all - keyword - IT IS FREE!. I am the one loosing countless hours of sleep trying to prefect the site - presentation - wondering where the next tib-bit of information is coming from - trying to figure out how to locate and find information - and research materials for free.

This is a labor of love - not compensated by anyone - a love for the Lake - as was with David - a lot of his reflections that never were written down

I am still cleaning out and down all my back-ups to o ne file - many I am considering just ditch except for the pictures... starting over if i have to on some things...

Today is