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David Boswell Burn's Scottish Ancestry

Our Ancestors from ther British Isles

There were the Scots
Who kept the Sabbath
And everything else
They could lay their hands on

And there were the Welsh
Who prayed on their knees
And their neighbors

Thirdly, there were the Irish
Who never knew what they wanted
But were willing to fight for it, anyway

Lastly, there were the English
Who considered themselves a self-made nation
Thereby relieving the Almighty
Of a dreadful responsibility

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I am Judith Elaine McKee and married David Boswell Burns he was born in Kilmarnock, Ayr county, Scotland and his parents were James Easton Burns and Agnes Maxwell Thomas.


I had research first started in sometime in early summer of 1977 I inquired about research through the Scots Ancestry Research Society late August or eearly September 1977 ending the required retainer fee at the time following is the list of research hired done:

Receipt #Resgn No DateAmountComment
1821 B/388214 Sep 1977$ 8.00 
328138,88212 May 1978$150.00with letter of findings
173838,88225 Mar 1986$100.00 
2011 38,88218 Jun 1986$ 50.00in adavance
250238,88222 Oct 1986$200.00 
Total  $508.00 

these fees did not included any actual copies of records (bith, marriage, death) they were cited abstracts only. also they only done a direct line of descent research David Burns -> James burns -> David Burns -> no siblings were traced after they left the household or married.

I was told back then that there were fess charged gain enterance to use the General Register Office for Scotland and National Archives of Scotland etc. for genealogical research above the costs of all copies of records and there was a line of red tape to obtain passes etc. to get in whether true or not I have no idea.

When David died on 23 Aug 1990 I had already lined up paper work and was preparing to order more research on the allied lines and confirm some information on IGI print outs I had gotten from the LDS library. But knowing this was a luxury item now that could not be afforded I threw all that paper work into the trash compactor.

Back when this material was borrowed by a family memebr to read for herself only - but she chose to xerox it and then share ti with other without asking permission to to do so or offering to pay part of the expenses involed in getting it - it is not known who it was and was not shared with. This is a means to share it with all and hopefull share it with distant cousins in Scotland in hopes they do exists and and that we can make a complete accounting of the famlies if at all possible.


The surnames listed in the menu bar are the Allied lines of the family and the ones in white have not been researched or carried on any further as of the present time. They are grouped under each main surname "Burns" and "Thomas" they are connected with.

The Burns Connection

Clan/Family Histories - Burns

The surname of Burns comes from "Burnhouse" a dwelling near a burn or a stream. Although "burn" is a common word in Scotland for a stream, the word originated in Old English. The singular form "Burn" is found in Dumfries and Galloway in the 13th and 14th century.

The poet Robert Burns' father came from Kincardineshire on the east coast of Scotland and spelt his name Burness. Robert and his brother adopted the spelling "Burns" a form which first appeared in written records only in the 17th century.

The illustration of Robert Burns is from a commemmorative Scottish Banknote.

Burns is regarded as a sept of clan Campbell.

Burns was the 60th most frequent surname at the General Register Office in 1995.

Family tradition is the Burns' ancestry goes back to Robert Burns, the poet; but isn't that the "family Tradition" of anyone who bears the name Burns?

There is at least 1 generation [1778 - 1759 = 19 years] between last unknown ancestor of this line and the poet that exists with no clues as to parentage of James Burns of Ayr, Ayrshire Scotland who married Sabina Mc Qualter who was born Kirkmichael, Ayr, Scotland - so even begin to know a possible connection between the two Burns families is impossible and venturing a guess at it is impossible.

So far the only connection between these two families are that they resided in the same areas of Ayrshire and Dumfriesshire counties, Scotland but that is the only connecting force at this time - the locality - - the name ONLY - no documented proof of relationship whatsoever at this point in time.

Robert Burns - Scotlandís , National Bard - - was born in Alloway, Ayrshire, in 1759 to William Burness [born 11 November 1721 Glenbervie, Kincardineshire, Scotland, shortly before his father moved to Clochnahill in Dunnottar son of Robert Burness and Isabella Keith], a poor tenant farmer, and Agnes Brown and they had in 1750 moved to Ayrshire. The eldest of seven children, he spent his early years in a single-room thatched cottage with a barn and cowshed which is now a museum containing original manuscripts and other memorabilia. This is the best link I have found to Robert Burns' ancestry etc.

The first known ancestor James Burns is assumed born about 1778 in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland by reports furnished by the Scots Ancestry Research Society, nothing more on him or his ancestry was found by the researchers. No exact birth, marriage or death date and place was provided for James Burns who married Sabina McQulater the last known Scottich aancestor or parents name were provided

This leaves 19 years between the poet and our ancestor - James Burns unaccounted for.

David Boswell Burns (1909-1990)

Davids parents were James Easton Burns and Agnes Maxwell Thomas and their marriage was recorded as follows:
5th February, 1909, At Main Street, Muirkirk, after Banns according to the Forms of the United Free Church, James Easton Burns, journeyman Bricklayer, bachelor, aged 22 of 9 Arbuckle Street, Kilmarnock. The son of David A. Burns, desinger, and Elizabeth Miller. AND Agnes Thomas, domestic servant, spinster, aged 22, of 9 Arbuckle Street, Kilmarnock. The daughter of Michael Thomas, Coalminer, and Janet Cannon Certificate #4.

It seems that the Burns family migrated to the United States in stages - this is presented as the Burns' migration to America; also reflected in the menu bar to the left. When you clike no the ships name you will see a photo of the ship I have been able to locate.

Next is the first generations of the Burns' family in America

This is a picture book sort of presentation of the first generation in America. With what I have gathered in photos, and other items from on line.

Passenger ship lists

Agnes Maxwell (Thomas) Burns Photos

Burns House on Neuvea Gorda Street Culver

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David Burns and Elizabeth (Smith) Burns

David Boswell Burns 1890-1925

David Boswell Burns (1909-1990) - Biography

David Boswell Burns (1909-1990) - Lakfest Grand Marshall Pictures 1989

David Boswell and fred Burns Tombstone
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Some tales of James and Agnes Burns

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Jessie Easton Burns and Joseph Douglas Harold "Harold D." Rafuse

Lillian Elizabeth Burns and Charles Lester Hatch
Mackinac Explosion - 18 Aug 1925

Mackinac Memorial

Muirkirk Cemetery
Murikirk church

Muirkirk Photos

Michael Thomas Burns

Michael Thomas and David Boswell (1909-1990) Burns Photos

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William Millar Burns

Parish, county, changes and dates or changes county Maps with parrishes
letter from Moshussack Cemetery Corporation - burns burials pg.1 and pg 2; these are photos only

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