My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...


I am still here at least... I think I am...

NOTICE - Not sure what is fully going on with Katy Hestand-Soots contact has been sporatic for the last year -

I am afraid of loosing all my websites since we share "pastrackers" I pulled but the Lake Maxinkuckee, Sexton and this site - as they were the only ones that were working and could be uploaded and changes showed - the Emery site would upload - but no changes showed - it is back up but I have not started to seek out problems or up date

The design for this site was out of whack so I am going with this format - rather than spend hours trying to figure whay it shows correct down her but when uploaded the boarders do not align properly

A lot has happened the last 15 years... the last 3 years... the last 2 years and the past 6 weeks... I have fallen so behind I don't thin I will ever catch up....

The pages within are a result of 43 years of research on my part (I started (1976) and many more of distant cousins who are now deceased - all much older than I was. Tho I only met a very few of them - I was very privileged to be able to correspond with them and they freely sharing either outlines and/or data also. this was back in the "dark ages" of snail-mail as its called now, pen/pencil and paper or typewriter.

If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance." -- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Today is