My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...

Other Lines that I am researching

This is an incomplete Listings.

Listed below are the major ones I have been researching on and need data for or have alot of data on hand that I think will help others; any input would be greatly appreciated. Other allied lines will be added as more information is gained on them

MANSFIELD Theory - Wilhelm & Elizabeth; Walter Jacob h fathered 21 children by the following wives Anna Maria [-?-], Christina King & Nancy Jane Edington - of Germany, Coshocton county Ohio and Greene county Indiana. It is believed this is the line could be that of my Jane Mansfield married Thomas Jefferson Hardesty; many have her listed as the daughter tho there is no solid documentation that has been presented for it - that I have seen to date; but always being told to 'go with the flow" I have.

DAY'S - Christopher Day (of London, England his descendants in Bucks co., Pennsylvania.; Clermont co., Ohio; Wayne, Hendricks, Marion counties, Indiana;. It is believed this is the line that connects into the Day line listed below that is in Fulton and Cass counties, Indiana

These lines are of my step children; their parents being David Boswell Burns and Freda Marquis (Reed) Burns; the

  • Reed's (paf generated) - of Ireland; Cumberland county Pennsylvania; Darke county Ohio; Fulton county Indiana
  • DAY'S - - of Ohio, Cass and Fulton counties Indiana
  • Kline's - of Cass county Indiana
  • Richard's - of Maryland, Virginia, Coshocton County Ohio, Wabash and Fulton counties Indiana
  • Ravenscroft of Boston, Ma.; Virginia
  • Ewalt - of Pennsylvania and Germany>
  • KINTON of Ireland and Pennsylvania
  • Rose of Ireland and Pennslyvania
  • Swope or Schwab - of Pennsylvania and Germany
  • Kistler's of Switzerland, Berks co., Pa.; Cass, Fulton and Pulaski counties Indiana
  • Kirk of Ohio; Fulton and Cass counties Indiana
  • Kramer of Berks co. Pennsylvania
  • Dunfee & Meek of Coshocton and Belmont counties Ohio; Wabash county Indiana
  • Gray of Westmoreland co. Pennsylvania, Clearmont co., Ohio Rush and Wabash counties, Indiana
This line is of the spouse of one of my step-daughters:
  • SCHRIMSHER of Fulton and Marshall counties Indiana, Limestone and Madison county Alabama
  • GREEN of Jennings, Pulaski, Fulton and Marshall counties Indiana; Meek
  • SAYGER of Fulton and Miami counties Indiana,Virginia
  • Eskridge of Marshall and Starke counties Indiana,
  • Seese of Marshall counties Indiana,
The following lines belonging to a very close friend and I have been working on them is
  • NORRIS of Rush, Fayette, counties Indiana; Ohio, Kentucky and Maryland
  • Wierick or WIRICK - of Cass county Indiana & Montgomery county Ohio
  • BUSSARD'S< of Miami, Carroll and Cass Counties Indiana
  • Rumbarger's
  • Stoever
  • JUSTICE of Rush, Fayette, Carroll and Cass counties Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania
  • PARSON'S of Anne Arnudel county Maryland
  • MC COMAS of Scotland and Anne Arundel county Maryland
  • JOSEPH BARRON - The French- Canadian Interepretor of Knox and Cass county Indiana and his descendants
The Rumbarger Ancestry (TNG) This was found on a rolled up piece of paper that was 3 feet wide and 12 1/2 feet long that was hand written - I transcribed it all into a notebook and then into PAF (Personal Ancestral File);

It also contains the first 3-4 generations of descendants for Dietrich Stoever (John ) was born 1653 in Frankenburg, Upper Hesse, Prussia, Germay.
  • Rumbarger's of Miami, Carroll and Cass Counties Indiana; Montgomery county Ohio.
  • Stoever
  • BUSSARD'S (see above)
  • JUSTICE (see above)
  • Hawkins - of Cass County, Indiana
  • Hinkle - of Carroll and Cass county Indiana
and the Reichard and McCombs a> (TNG) Tree:
  • REICHARD'S of Centre county Pennslyvania , Montgomery, Darke, Preble and VanWert counties Ohio, and Indiana (non-TNG)
  • Henry or Jonas/John Henry GARRETT
  • John Musselman - Pennslyvania, Montgomery county Ohio, Indiana (non-TNG)
  • McCombs - Brothers Emanuel, john David - Maryland, Cass county Indiana

  • Lines of my cousin I am working on follows also. There are two different branches the adoptive line and the biological line. His mother Kathyrn Louise ' Louise' (Rogers-Green) Emery was 51 years old when she learned that she had been adopted by her parents, Herbert Green and Ethel V. Morris! She had no idea till after her mother had died and a family member found the adoption papers of both her and her deceased sister in 1979; her adoptive father had died several years previous. Her biological father was Stephen Franklin Rogers and the biological mother his second wife Cass.
    • Roger or Rodgers - Vigo county Indiana
    • Green Vigo, Greene and possibly Clay and Owen counties Indiana
    • Morri - Greene county Indiana
    • Campbell - Greene county Indiana

    And unconnected Campbell line in Greene county is William Campbell his son Andrew Campbell moved to Greene county and settled in Stockton Twp.

    Also to insure that my research is preserved I have been entering my databases onto GENI at this time its debatable if I will continue entering or just maintain what I have entered to date. There has been so many changes there to the site - and I can not ask people to become a part of GENI and have to pay for what I "FREELY" give away what GENI started out as is no longer in existence - it is and has become a totally "for profit site"

    I have also contributed to familysearch . org.

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