My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...


As i find connecting websites - to my family lines - I will add them here - if you have one please contact me and I will gladly add them to here also -

The Landscape of Genealogy

I look over the landscape of genealogy
        To discover the footprints
Of those who went before me -
        My Ancestors.

I am amazed at their feeble attempts
To speak to me
Through their paper trails, photograpgh, and hearsay
Of where and how they lived.

When I meet with them
At the threshhold of history,
The discovery is so exciting
To reconnect.

With those whom I've never seen
And some who I never know exixted.
It is a family reunion
On the plains of imagination.

It is like meeting them
This side of Heaven
Before the grand finale
Of personal passage.

The sad note is
The wall
That stands as a divider
Between them and me, yet to be discovered.

There is always hope
Of another discovery
Today - maybe tommorrow.
On the landscape of Genealogy
        Fred M. Faris

HARDESTY FAMILY: Father John "Jack" Hardesty of Quincy, Ill. has done alot of work also on this family. Defunct - but he shared a lot of info on out ancestry

Another site is Alan Hardisty's site Hardisty Fammily Trees he lives in England.

McIndoo - Robert Thomas McKee and Margaret McIndoo; john P McKee and Mary Ellen McIndoo

Facebook - Culver History Interests

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