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If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance." -- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Any and all new data, corrections, complaints etc. can be sent to: also if you have suggestions, and any information, pictures etc. to share of the families being researched.

All this is a labor of love (some say insanity???) - and had been done for free over the years excepting when some has contributed' the Hardesty and McKee manuscripts were done as a Xerox project, for those wishing to pay it was only the cost of the Xeroxing and postage rest where given free to those who helped gather material find ancestors and descendants, living relatives etc. The 1982 Emery Book was published with the help of ancestors pre-purchasing a book since all wanted to see the section on John Emery of Newbury updated but that covered only the printing and postage costs.

Who am I?

ATTENTION - In the course of major computer problems over the years I am transforming all my Personal Ancestral files (PAF), manuscripts etc int a program called TNG [The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding ]. I have not had much luck with these so-called "new - fangled computers" with all the bells and whistles in them. About the time I think I have recover from a break down another occurs. REMC has not help I do not think in that they keep cutting the voltage down - you can see it in the dimming onf the light bulbs, hear it in the running of the appliance motors and the ceiling fans.

The TNG pages are from a shared site and program - and there has been major issues with it the past couple of months I am sorry for this and is beyond my control by having to share a server site and program .

It has been a frustrating situation not to be able to get things organized, caught up, and up online in a timely manner. I am not getting any younger either and need to get this material organized, saved and to a person who will be able to carry on any research who that will be is unknown - as I know my son and daughter and not interested in it nor are the only two first cousins I have. So everything in a way I have done will be lost. Placing my work into TNG in this manner may help me overcome the computer failures of the past and hopefully will mean very little lost data in the future if and when trouble strikes again.

I have placed transferred the majority of manuscripts into PAF and the the PAF files into TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding) program - ; I have started to cut and past some of the manuscripts into TNG but this will take time. This program allows views of pedigrees, group sheets, and full documentation and notes are available and much more. It generates web pages automatically for all and will be up-to-date. It can also be interactive but I have opted out of this portion of it - so you will have to contact me to have data corrected or sourcing and notes added.

I am going to use this method to update and clean up my Personal Ancestral files. I am dumping all files into it slowly by cutting and pasting data into it - to try and recover from all the years of computer problems - I am tired of losing data, trying to restore, it or figure out if I have lost something or not. I know I have lost allot of data probably since 1997 but it just can't be helped. This will hopeful be a means of cleaning up what I do have and producing the genealogical data of the website as any changes will be automatically put as a part of the site and immediate. This also gives all the sourcing and notes in an orderly fashion. I have opted out of the of the interactive side of the program so you will have to contact me to have data corrected or sourcing and notes added.

The only material left on here will be the some of the larger manuscripts and the Burns history as it as numerous pictures on it till I get them transferred and make sure all the data is on the TNG program

Please let me know of any problems that there is getting to any of the pages - the Side Navigation and the search and search engine Site map should help you move around the site and find what you want -

Also if you find something that help's in your research won't you please consider -
  • Giving just a THANK YOU
  • Sending new material with documentation -
  • found a useful web link that gives information, documentation won't you share it?
  • CORRCTIONS with documentation if possible
  • donate with a monetary gift

If you wish to Donate for the upkeep of the site you can via PayPal; or if you prefer to send direct email me for address.

To help with: finding new data, maintaining the site, website space, equipment, internet sevice, subscription genealogical data sites (,, Scotland's People etc.), and past and future costs of this resesearch.

To help restore my house in Culver 100 plus year old house???? - - if at all possible I do need all ideas to try and preserve it. - Even tho I am beginning to think it is impossible, a selfish and foolish hope and that I am not worthy of it BUT I just can't as yet give up the hope and dream as yet it

For now I am sharing website space with a long-distant genelaogy friend in Missouri we became internet friends as a result of INGenWeb and I try help with the cost of the fees. Maybe even get my own web hosting site that I do not have to share with others - but I wll have to learn that aspect of it as yet

my greatest dream is... which seems like it is impossible and will never happen my house...

Today is