My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...

My House my dream... near Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver, Indiana

History of the house can be found by clicking 419 S Main - and for history of the area "Maxinkuckee History & Genealogy of" at the left

In 1900 Ezra and his first wife Mary A. J. was in North Bend Twp. Starke county Indiana but by the 1910 census they were living in Culver and the house remained into the Hawkins name until March 1944.

David and the family began living in it in October 1940 by a news paper quip thay will be 79 years! by deed its actually been in the Burns name for 75 years.

Trying to sell some things on ebay as I can that no longer need that I collected in years past even things David saved and bought me they are meaningless if I can't save the house - but dealing with our bad economic times and people telling my they are not worth anything. Trinkets do not pay the bills nor fix a house up -- anything I will be selling is at Maxinkuckee Gal

If any hope at all still exist the MAJOR or needs right now is a:
  • Metal Roof
  • New windows - ready to restore as many as can back to the orginal size before the 1980 & 1982 remodel
  • Enclose Porch with new not "temporary windows" open up the front doorway and kitchen doorway to make it a living space - new outer doors permenant enteries on east and north not storm

To dream the impossible dream....MY be able use it again as a move back into it...will it ever happen will I ever live in it again? I wonder... not about to give up hope... I turned 60 in 2011 and gained some benfits its helping out some.. got teeth pulled slowly finally got that done 2013. The firends i live with health issues put dreams on hold both died last last year Jen 28th and Dec. 26th have the son to go I promised I would stick b y him since it was I who forced issue of chest x-ray lead to a ct-scan led to Stage IVB Lung Cance diagnose in October 2017

My greatest dream is... to go back to live in it in Culver... why i do not know but that's where my heart is.

So just not sure whats on my mind mixed feelings... probably feelings of defeat... lost hopes and lost dreams ... not sure as yet but oh well that's life just will have to pick up and carry on I guess...

A donation would be appreciated to help with my dream.

If you wish to DONATE this will take you to PayPal link if allowed mark as House Donation /gift. Or you can e-mail me to mail it to me if prefered

Today is