My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...

My House my dream... near Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver, Indiana

History of the house can be found by clicking 419 S Main - and for history of the area "Maxinkuckee History & Genealogy of" at the left

In 1900 Ezra and his first wife Mary A. J. was in North Bend Twp. Starke county Indiana but by the 1910 census they were living in Culver and the house remained into the Hawkins name until March 1944.

David and the family began living in it in October 1940 by a news paper quip thay will be 79 years! by deed its actually been in the Burns name for 75 years.

Trying to sell some things on ebay as I can that no longer need that I collected in years past even things David saved and bought me they are meaningless if I can't save the house - but dealing with our bad economic times and people telling my they are not worth anything. Trinkets do not pay the bills nor fix a house up -- anything I will be selling is at Maxinkuckee Gal

All hope hope for the old homestead was dashed in April 2020 - was told it was un-realistic with Crawl spaces under the living room, firelplace/bedroom, & bathroom (rock wall foundation); coal bin under the bedroom rockwall & deteriorating cement chute) & Laundry room with actual cement block. Was told the fireplace could not be salvaged either that it was not up to code.
  • April 17 - Started loan process for amount above savings.
  • April 28 - Appointment with loan officer he dragged to process on for 2 months...
  • June 24 - Loan papers were signed

  • SO it all came tumbling down... 120+. .80...48. .. years of history memories gone...... Zehner's moved in on Friday (June 24th) afternoon late. Came down on June 27th. It just had to much damage from the previous remodels (camouflage) and neglect from 1961-1972 or maybe even earlier..

    All that was left was a hole....

    To dream the impossible dream....MY be able use it again as a home... was impossible ... I tried and failed. tears only came when long time neighbor came over to watch briefly and remarked about a lot of memories gone...

    So just not sure whats on my mind mixed feelings... probably feelings of defeat... lost hopes and lost dreams ... not sure as yet but oh well that's life just will have to pick up and carry on I guess...

    I had to move on as I am caring for a Stage 4 lung cancer victim and need to provide a place to take him to where I can get help in the future...

    Aug 31 - Started the "dig" Andy Zehner and crew moved in August 31, 2020 for rebuild...

    September 2 - Started pouring footings.

    Finally Construction began... but orgininal completion date was set so would be in by Christmas... no luck... New house as of week of Nov. 23...

    I still have to sell a piece of property to make this dream come true and a reality and not sure its going to happen... the agent wants to undersell it less than
  • the bank appraisal for the loan
  • the contract calls for
  • I only asked for what I thought would cover fees, tavxes, the loan and possibly leave me with a little for savings to care for house and the lung cancer victim. So I may fail to have my home and move back to Culver yet.

    Right now I am wondering if I will accomplish it or not.... there is miscelleanous items not in the estimate; there is furniture to be bought... there is landscapeing... and I am wondering if I made the right decision with this year the way it has been and all to keep a promise to the parent who died in June 2018 & Dec 2018 to care for their son who is a Stage 4 lung cancer victim

    A donation would be appreciated to help with my dream.

    If you wish to DONATE this will take you to PayPal link if allowed mark as House Donation /gift. Or you can e-mail me to mail it to me if prefered

    Today is