My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...

Burns Homestead near Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver, Indiana

PLEASE let there be hope and a way to help me restore a 112-114+ plus year old house in Culver, Indiana and near Lake Maxinkuckee?? I need my fairy godfather, mother, uncle and aunt...

I need someone who is willing to help in restoring Culver homes instead of them being bought by outsiders, and then risk being torn down - only to be replaced with pre-fab homes. I guess I am just to idealistic to sentimental about old things and history of them.

Or if you wish to Donate for the restoration and in reality - possibly even towards the destruction of it... (but its going to happen over my dead body if at all possible) as that is what seems many of Culver wants for it you can via PayPal; or if you prefer to send direct email me for address.

I can't give up on the old house - its in my mind to solid to destroy... yeah I am to sentimental for my own good I guess... maybe it will never happen... but I will die trying to make it happen... I am trying.... I am doing all the "grunt, dirty work" my self cleaning up the aftermath of the leaky roof that no one would give me estimates for ... being told I did not want to put a roof on it with no one living in it... WHY NOT???

Pictures and activity of restore on face book at Burns Homestead Culver - Lake Maxinkuckee
If any hope at all still exist the MAJOR or needs right now is a:
  • Roof (laundry room done; flat roof over the kitchen, bathroom and fireplaace room (2/3 done)
  • New windows New windows -Restore all or as many back to original openings to undo the cabbaged up mess that was created in 1980-1983
      2 - living room living room (1 large picture window combination to the east; one small to the south) - The Front window which was vandalized in March of 2006 (working on a temporary idea for window )
        Idea for: convert this room to a bedroom - oh I know the big picture window will be a PIA for it looks out onto main street and if the porch is made into living space there is an old window half-assed turned into a shelf that could be the door to it - making the large doorway between the dining/living room into a solid wall.
      2 - bedroom -(1 small to east & medium to south)
        leave as is
      2 - fireplace room - (1 large picture window combination, 1 small to south) (working on a temporary idea for window )
        Idea for: leave as is and make Tv, family, execise, other activity room; repair & restore firplace as a legacy to David's work all is on outside (firebox & Chimeny); mantel & stone facing is all thats on the inside
      1 - bathroom (to the west)
        leave where is and use pantry area as the entry way so can re-arrange so bathtub plumbing can be accessible to work on insteadt of the 1982 re-modeld which baxed it in and sealed it in and could not work on it unless you always tore the wall out
      2 -laundry room & 1 Backdoor with Aluminum Storm/Screen
        Major repair work - as was screwed up when built has the basement stairway in north part - ? Sunroom - for the laundry room area ?

      1 - kitchen & door (idea on that)kitchen one medium large to the north does not open & door (for door idea on that see porch)
        Idea for: A window that OPENS! Bay or beveled out, or regular type with 3-4 panels in it new cabinets - arrangement is up in the air as yet
      1 - dining room & 1 door
        Ideas for both these to eliminate them and use the proch as a sunroom/living room area. Make the wall where door is one solid wall - - turn the 8' picture window into open space why the hell an 8' picture window was placed in the space of a 5-6' window area is befond me when it looked out onto an enclosed porch, the side yard & neighbors house; and in later years obstructed by the neighbors pole barn garage

    3 Porch big panel windows to north and east - were to be only temporary was told put in 1961 & 2 - Porch Aluminum Storm/Screen doors - 4 brick columns and cemtent/brick ledge about 2"
    • Idea for: living/sun room, area accessible from kitchen door way and the dining room 8' picture window elevate some to make a buffer of the cement floor covering some way with nice wood floor planking. Make the 2 aluminum screen doors into permenant inside/outside doors with screen door on outside want to retain the brick work as a legacy to David's work

I know that all the above is only a very very wild dream and it may never happen and will take a miracle to make it all happen but a girl can dream, and hope can't she??????

estimated costNotes
roof 6,000.00-15,000.00 ball park estimate for stripping/re-sheeting; main part done early 1960's; porch & back part 1980's
Maple Trees 2,500.00 cut down totally or to roof top/edge of house
Sunroom/Conservatory Front PorchFour Seasons
Windows (see notes above) Bee- Windows, Anderson )
Doors Least 3 Right now there is: Backdoor with Aluminum Storm/Screen
Kitchen Inside
Dinning Room Inside
North Side Porch Aluminum Storm/Screen
East Side Porch Aluminum Storm/Screen
Gutting do-it-myself ?with help?
floors Save what old flooring can possible to make one or 2 complete rooms with he "Old"
Heating/air conditioning new duct work Furnance & duct work c. 1961; just window a/c
Back up Generator system 5,000.00
Carport Repair/Rebuild damaged by Towns Sewer project
landscaping Backyard damaged by Towns Sewer project was not restored to as was condition as was promised

I do not know why it has been so important to me to restore the old house - maybe I have a false sense of loyalty to the house to David... maybe a false sense of loyalty to its history being 114+ years old the families that held it the Barnhiel's, Hawk's, Hawkin's... I know probably most of the people do not support me in my efforts which some have proven that to me already and think I am crazy but I have to try even if I fail at it maybe it is just noy meant to be and I am wasting my money, time and effort... Maybe it's time to start realizing that my dreams and hopes for this old house are just about gone unless someone is willing to believe im me... my dream... willing to help, work with me and give me ideas on how to save it and restore it....
Here is information about the local - lake area.

Please send up prayers and a ray of hope for me! Contact me at: Contact me with suggestions or ideas please!

Here is the history of the house. In 1910 Ezra and his first wife Mary were living in Culver and the house remained into the Hawkins name until 1944.

Trying to sell some things on ebay as I can that no longer need that I collected in years past even things David saved and bought me they are meaningless if I can't save the house - but dealing with our bad economic times and people telling my they are not worth anything. Trinkets do not pay the bills nor fix a house up -- anything I will be selling is at Maxinkuckee Gal on Ebay; and here on Maxinkuckee Treasures Esty

I guess I am crazy, foolish and stupid for dreaming the impossible dream....MY be able use it again as a move back into it...will it ever happen will I ever live in it again? I really wonder... David has been gone 23 years and it seems unbelieveable! I have turned 62 and gained some benfits and its helping out some every penny I can spare is going toward the old house...

And no I am not going to demolish the house unless its the last straw and going to fight to the bitter end and it over by DEAD BODY if at all possible... I love that old house - Just need someone to believe in the old house and me and my dream... I may be foolish for the dream but it is my dream...

Dear Lord - Give me the peace and understanding that I need, to accept what is to come, whatever it maybe; you above all are in control of what has happened, what will happen and what is to be. Forgive me for my doubts; my fears and my selfishness if wanting to save this house.

Today is