My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...

Greene County Ancestry

My Greene county Indiana ancestry is deep the Long, Turley, Sexton, Gastineau families are among some of the first settlers of Greene county. Then came the Whitworth , Mewhirter / McWhirter and Vandeventer; followed by the influx of Chostocton county Ohio familes among them being the Ault, Edington, Emery, Hardesty, Mansfield, Taylor and Williams; and then finally the last in about 1871 the McKee family from Owen county Indiana.

The 3rd great grandfather Benjamin Turley was hired to help moved the courthouse records from Burlington to the new county seat of Bloomfield. and when the present court house was beuilt in 1884-1885 my great grandfather Robert Thomas McKee was a county commissioner - during the court house renovation in the early 2000's the bell was discoverd tucked away in the attic - the commissoners names among others was inscribed on the bell. This was alos the time period that the A. M. Kennedy's built the covered bridge at Richland Creek and for years the commissioners names were inscribed upon it also until the vandalism towards it took its toll and during the last re-construction the names were omitted. Today it is the only remainind covered bridge of Greene county and is on the historical register.


The McKee's came to Greene county in the 1870's from Owen county Indiana where they had originally immgrated from Kentucky sometime after the 1830 census; Robert Thomas McKee's cousin John P. McKee came first and Robert followed with his sister Eliza Ann (McKee) Talley Widow of Orren I. They are of the Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania McKee's

WILLIAM McKEE being my first known ancestor in America.

The McKee's were said to have been from Ireland and orginally Scotland and Ireland. Family tradition handed down through the years has been thet there were from five to ten brothers who came to America Settling first in Pennsylvania and three of the brothers went to Rockbridge county Virginia. Not all these brothers have ever been for its is growing belief that this is a "family fable". James Mckee married Lydia Todd; and their son Robert McKee married Mary Todd and his son Joseph Howe McKee married Lucinda Bartlett came to Owen county Indiana with their family; their son Robert Thomas McKee was married three times and founght in the civil War and came to Greene county about 1871; his son by his third marriage James Garfield McKee married Lillie Gladys Vandeventer was my grandfather and their son Alvin Robert McKee married Reba Doris Emery were my parents; they lef Greene county shortly after their marriage in Decemeber 1948 - just exactly when in not known but it was before I was born they first lived in Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana and then moved to Danville, Indiana on High School Road and in Novemeber of 1952 they moved to Culver, Marshall, Indiana and finally in September 1974 they moved to Bradenton Flordia where they both lived until their deaths.


The Vandeventer's are of New AMsterdam heritage coming from Deventer, Holland as their name implies. They migrated from Kentucky and came to the area from 1840 to 1860. ABSOLUM VANDEVENTER and his first wife first migrated from Kentucky to Gidsom county Indiana where my great-grand father James Thomas 'Tom' Vaneventer was born in May 1844. It is believed that Absolum's first wife Susannah "Susan' Coghill died there possible from the event of childbirth as Absolum married his 2nd wife Mary Ellen Elizabeth Huffman on 27 Aug 1844 in Gibson county aby an affidavit she filed to get a dependents pension from her sons Civil War service. Absolum migrated to to Clay county Indiana from Gibson county Indiana by the 1850 census as they are found on the census records of Clay county and then came to Greene county Indiana after the 1850 census. Several families of Vandeventer's are in Clay, Greene and Monroe counties Indiana as follows: James William and Nancy A. (Ingram); Josiah and Emily or Milly (Hugh/Hughes) Vandeventer and their children. These men could be uncles, brothers or father of Absolum. Absolum married 1st in Spencer county Kentucky Susan or Susannah Coghill daughter of John Coghill and nothing more of him or his ancestry is known. Absolum and Susannah came from Spencer county Kentucky to Gibson county Indiana. There is a possibility that Absolum was the son of either Jacob, Josiah or James William the majority says that Jacob is his father. It is believed that Josiah and James William were the sons of Wynant Vandeventer of Shelby county Kentucky but no official records of this connection can be found to date such as real estate transfers, will, probates or estates. The only connection of these men and their families that is know is being in the same locale at the same time and the naming pattersn of their families are basically the same and these mens connection to Wynant is being in the same locale at the same time also. Wynant's ancestry being from PIETER HERMANS VANDEVENTER who came to New Amsterdam from Deventer, Holland.

Long - Sexton

ROBERT LONG was in Greene county by the 1840 census. His ancestry is unknown. His wife is Margaret Sextonn and was the daughter of WILLIAM SEXTON and Virginia Leah Free or Ferree and the SEXTON'S were in Greene county before the 1830 census. Nothing more is known of the Sexton and Free ancestry at this point. There is a THEORY that William could of been married a first time with 3 children from that marriage: Archibald, Olivia and Isaac. William and Leah are listed with children of: James, Jacob, Enoch, Margaret, Frederick Free, William Wallace, Lemuel Edward, Joel Benton (Judge of Greene county Indiana), Esom or Easom. They came from Virginia to Whitley county Kentucky then to Greene county Indiana.

some say they it is BELEIVED (not proven) that William could be of the SEXTON'S Of the Sextons of Limerick; Kensington, London, England two of Christopher's sons emigrated to America - Windsor, Connecticut: Richard arrived on 13 July 1635 on the ship Blessing and George in 1663; but this is only a THEORY that has been passed around for years without any documentation provided for it. I really doubt this theory babased on work of Pat O'Conner and Willis Sexton bothe deceased now and many others and detailed here - Sexton Website and has been found I was in contact with Pat and supplied her with alot fo the material for the Greene county Indiana Sexton/Sexson as I did Georgie Benton. Most of the early research I have gotten came from Don and Georgie Benton of Ft. Worth, Texas; Don is now deceased and others has sent me undocumented material on the Sexton's. I have only tried to put it all together and document it as I can; into PAF so it can be indexed, expanded easier and documnentd.


JAMES GASTINEAUand wife Patience Morrow was in Greene county before the 1840 Census. James Gastineau's ancestry can only be definetly traced back to his father George Gastineau of Pulaksi county Kentucky; some in the past have it traced back to PIERRE GASTINEAU who was born in France his son Jean married into the CHABOUSSANT family. it is very highly likely that this is the correct ancestry but PROOF, documentation is lacking as to prove George Gastineau is the son of Job Gastineau Sr. Patience Morrow is assumed to be the daughter of Samuel Morrow and nothing more is known of him or his ancestry or descendants to date has not be accounted for. The former Greene county Sheriff and former Indiana State police officer Gene Gastineau also descends from James Gastineay and Patience Morrow.

Mewhirter - Mc Whirter

ROBERT MEWHIRTER (the family bible spelling and also on the tombstone) and wife Elizabeth Taylor, were also here before the 1840 census. Their children bore the spelling of McWhirter and its variants. Nothing is really know of Elizabeth's heritage; family tradition is that her mother was a Barr; it is also stated that her ancestry could be connected to Zacharey Taylor but nothing has been proven. Robert Mewherter and Elisabeth Taylor's ancestry has not been traced back either. Their are some descendants who contend that the spelling is McWhirter.


THOMAS HENRY WHITWORTH and his wife Sarah "Sally" GULICK daughter of Joseph Gulick and Mary "Polly" Stoker; came during the 1840's. Nothing at this time is known of Thomas' ancestry but some of Sally's can be traced back to New Amsterdam and New England. Thomas married 2 more times and moved to Neosoha county Kansas where he died. The Gullick line then boosts the hertiage lines of: Leigh, Hoagland, Smith, Hinckely, Soole, Bergen, Rapelje, Reysre, Schenck , Van Kirk, Van Pelt a mixture of New England and New Amsterdam dutch heritage.

Dye - Duyts

GEORGE DYE was in Greene county by the 1850 census and was the son of John Eli and Lucinda (Hardin) Dye early settlers of Lawrence county Indiana. The DYE ANCESTRY can also be traced back to New Amsterdam when the name was spelled Duyts.


BENJAMIN TURLEY came to Lawrence county Indiana in 1817 from Warren county Kentucky and then went to Greene county was formed in 1825 and considered one of the pioneers of Greene county. In 1841 Benjamin Turley then moved from Greene county Indiana to Ozark county Missouri. PAUL TURLEY is the first known ancestor in Fairfax county, Virginia. The Turley's were also in Prince William Loudoun, and Rockingham counties Virginia; as well as Spartanburg and Union counties South Carolina. Ignatius Turley was the son of Paul and the father of Benjamin

Ancestors from Coshocton County Ohio

The greatest influx of my ancestors were from Coshocton county Ohio in the 1840 and 1850's as were a great number of other families that were found in Center, Jackson and Taylor townships and they were also neighbors, family and friends in Coshocton county Ohio. These were:
  • JOHN AULT (PAF Generated) and his wife Fidelia Taylor (who came via Bartholomew county Indiana) She was the dau. of JOSEPH TAYLOR; and her brothers came to Greene county also. His imigrant ancestor is Valentine Alt/Ault.(TNG and PAF GENERATED)
  • THOMAS HARDESTY and his wife Nancy Ann Chaney (she died in Coshocton county Ohio) daughter of SAMUEL CHENEY their children: Margaret married Robert Edington (he went back to get his family and died in Coshocton county); she married 2nd Elijah Ashcraft widow of her sister; AQUILLA married four times 1st to Caty Meek (she died in Coshocton county) said to be the daughter of Richard Meek, 2nd Elizabeth Murphy, 3rd Martha Kirkpatrick and 4th Mary J. Knotts and Elizabeth m. Elijah Ashcraft [one of their sons Daniel married Mary Emery daughter of Ambrose and Mary (Anderson) Emery. (this is to the index page of the Hardesty Hertiage). Also the preface to the original manuscript can be found here
  • AMBROSE EMERY & wife Mary ANDERSON he being born in Darcut, Massachusetts the son ot Ambrose Emery and Rebecca Yocum who was the son of James Emery and Ruth Watson who was son of Jonathan Emery and Mary Woodman beinf the son of John Emery and his secodn wife Mary (Shastwell) Webster; residing outside of Philadelphia, in Greene county Pennsylvania before migrating to Coshocton county.
  • James Mack Williams is said to have been born in Coshocton County Ohio but also Seneca county Ohio has been given. James is said to have come from Bartholomew county Indiana. An uncle supposedly cared for him as parents died before he was of age. James it is said came to Greene co., In. when the tobacco factory was just starting up in Jackson Twp. His parents were THOMAS WILLIAMS & Rebecca Meredith. Said to have set sailed from Liverpool Eng. May 30 1831 landed 6 Jul. 1831 On Ship Davey. It is said that Thomas was born in England & had come to America going back and that Rebecca went to England & married there explaining being born in the United States but I he not found anything to prove this not even the family bible which is to have had written in the data of the family & about the passage to America. Nothing more has been found on any of the other children but James. In the 1880 census of Greene co. In. His son James states his father born England & mother Ohio; there could be a possibility another person gave the data & not him. Another source says that there was also a son George W. about 18 days old when they sailed from Liverpool, Eng. that would of made him born 13 May 1831 Eng. This conflicts with Robert C.'s birth date of 31 October 1831 & who is given as the first child of Thomas & Rebecca
  • THOMAS LEONARD EDINGTON & his wife Martha Ann Williams & their descendants (this takes you to the index page of the Hardetsy Heritage; all their descendants are carried out here) being the son of Thomas Edington and Ursula Moore and he being of Robert Edington and Margaret Hardesty and he the son of Jonathan Edington,who was son of Robert Edington and he being the son of Philip Edington and Abigail Curtis of Burlington, New Jersey

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