My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...

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The last few years have been plagued with computer probelms - and I need to get this all combined cleaned up and worable if at all possible - please bear with me... I am getting old and tired....

The family book pages were first genrated with Personal Ancestral File and was being turned into TNG [The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding ] format to put up online so that webpages will not have to be remade eavery time new data comes in and can be autlomaticlly updated and can be done virtually from anywhere I have internet access. I liked it better but the project has taken a back seat with computer failure - PAST being no longer supported and aving to change to Roots magic

I have been in the proces of switching over - cleaning up etc. for the last 2 plus years.

I data based the manuscripts into PAF (Personal Ancestral FIle orginally some still in that program... the majority has been GEDcom-ed and turned into RootsMagic I am ay benhind in catching up on this
The Overmyer, Stahl, are Culver genealogies that were printed back when - there were a 2 books for the Overmyer's and a host of information on the web - lot of it i just socked into the note section so alot of clean up involved Norris was a transcript/typewritten on microfilm 2-4 volumes.

Alt/ault and some of the other manuscripts are in PAF (Personal Ancestral File) which is what I have been using over the last 10 years (swtiched in 1995-1996 and then it has been Gedcom-ed so it could be transferred to the TNG I have first tried to get everything into RootsMagic but need more time before i reconsider TNG again if ever - my friend installed so we could use on the websites/hositng mutally and work together on them

The genealogy program - will eliminate the constant need for re-generating webpages from PAF it also allows for all notes, commnets, docmentation and sourcing to be available to all.

    Alt or Ault ancestry - Valtine Alt His children and grandchildren and more... Ault's down to today
      Two major works used plus other resources:

      Nellie Wallace Reeser, "VALINTIN ALT, HIS CHILDREN AND HIS GRAND CHILDREN", Pub. 1949, York, PA Copy of Mimeographed, 123 pp

      Nellie Wallace Reeser, Chartered Records of the Valentin Alt Family In America, A (1963, West Lafayette, Indiana Handwritten/Typed Family Group Sheets 2876 pgs. bound in 4 vols )

    The Revised Genealogical Records of John & Anthony Emery of of Newberry, Massachusetts (website link to left )

      [Revised Genealogical Records of John Emery of Newberry, Massachuesetts (1982, Gateway Baltimore, Md.) Judith Elaine Burns] and orginialy was

      Genealogical Records of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Mass. (1890, Emery Cleaves, Salem, Mass.) Rev. Rufus Emery

    Thomas Hardesty
      of Greene county Indiana and his Ancestors and Descendants; Thomas Hardesty's ancestors from William Hardesty of England b. c. 1575 probably Hampswaite, York, England; Hardesty heritage Index Thomas Hardesty of Greene county Indiana, Coshocton county, Ohio and Anne Arundell County, Maryland; preface and miscelleanous information (non-TNG) on allied lines; - everything within has been given freely by some descendants researching this line for publication mainly in previous years during the pre-1990 era as a Xerox project limited to at the most 20 copies and new copies given to those who helped do research and hunted down relatives; many of those who were so dedicated to this project are now deceased. All other information has been found by combing the internet since then, newspapers or obituaries etc. There is alot of work to be done on this file as gedcoms wee shared - also there are serval files in the background to compare as yet and merge with this information. - PAF Version:
      • Hardesty Index
      • Thomas Hardesty descendants
      • william Hardesty - English Ancestors

      The Bays family - Ancestors and Descendants of Greene County Indiana. This was started for a gal in Washington D.C. and contains much data - Needs to be retyped into computer or put into PAF

      The Vandeventers of Greene, Owen, Clay, Martin, Morgan, Monroe coutnites, Indiana; also Shelby and Spencer Counties, Kentucky and New Amsterdam (New York
      • Absolum Vandeventer & wives Susanna Coghill, Mary Ellen Elizabeth Huffman of Greene county, Indiana)
      • John and Nancy (Franklin) Vandeventer
      • James and Nancy (Ingrum) Vandeventer
      • Josiah and Emilie "Millie" (Hugh/Hughes)Vandeventer
      • Jacob and Mary (Driscoll)Vandeventer

      The Descendants and Ancestors of Joesph Howe Mc Kee Of Owen county Indiana (Mc Kee's of Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana)
      • Alexander and Katherine (Agnew) Mc Kee descendants (Scotland)
      • John and Polly Mc Kee (of Kentucky)
      • Anthony Mc Kee (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Fulton and Marshall counties Indiana (non-TNG)
      • Other Miscelleanous Mc Kee Information

      TheHouse of Reichard's
        that Joseph and Mariah Apolliana Reichard's Descendants Built - Marshall, Fulton, Jay, Montgomerty counties Indiana; Ohio, Pennsylvania - personal research done for friends i lived with "fred gratis"

    Manuscripts & Books by others transcribed by me into PAF and updated some and are ein TNG or will be soon:
      The Thomas Norris Family from: Harry Alexander Davis, (surname index) The Norris Family of Maryland & Virginia; Genealogy of Thomas Norris 1361 - 1930; the old PAF format: Norris family of Maryland
        (4 vol. 1941 Washington D.C. Transcript), Library of Congress, Washington D.C. 20540, Cs71.N858; Microfilm 88/5447 MicRR 99ft. - - PAF Data based with additons and corrections; also microfim copies exist. Found in Library of Congress - also including "The Norris Family" is an amazing work in Genealogy, 1500 pages in four volumes. Only three copies were produced, and one is located in the Rare Books Section of the Library of Congress. Another is to be in the Kansas DAR Library at Dodge City, Ks.
        • * Thomas Miller Myers, The Norris Family of Maryland ((1916) William Clemens, Publisher New York, New York), New England Historic Genealogical Society, CS/71/N858/1916. This work is not documented.
        • * Gertrude Cleghorn Josserand (Mrs. Guy D.), Kentucky Descendants of Thomas Norris of Maryland 1630 - 1953 and Allied Families ((1916) Edwards Brothers Inc. Ann Arbor, Mich.), New England Historic Genealogical Society, CS/71/N858/1953.
        • * Marjorie (Butler) (Mrs. Henry Norris) Harrison, Pennsylvania Descendants of Thomas Norris of Maryland 1630 - 1959 and allied Families (1959 Edwards Brothers Inc. Ann Arbor, Mi.), National Genealogical Society, 4527 Seventeenth St. N., Arlington, Virginia. 22207-2399, CS/71/N858/1959.
        from here you can use the index to find your ancestors the numbers in () behind the name are from the above mentioned books; what numbering system they had or used. I am in the process of combining the PAF file of a friend's line that I have researched into the manuscript file and deciding if i should maintain both or just abanoned the orginial manuscript one and work with only the one file but I will try and keep the original with some addttions/corrections avaiable for comparision in future.

      OVERMYER'S Marshall, Fulton and Pulaski counties Indiana.
        Overmyer History and Genealogy From 1630 - 1908 (1908, Chas. S. Belmont Printer Fremont, Oh) Collated by Barnart B, and John C. Overmyer; I have the book; and this is the PAF databased version with additions and corrections. I found it at an auction in Culver among regular books and was able to purchase it for a reasonable price. There are pictures that will eventually be scanned and put on to the site. Orginal spelling Obermayer

      And other resources available.
        STAHL's of Germany; Ohio; Marshall & Fulton County Indiana , a branch of the Zechiel Family the old PAF format:
          This I found at a yard sale amongest old books - it had numerous clipped obits, funeral cards and other news articles in it.

        Conrad Emery and Descendants accessable on the Emery Research site
          This is an entirely different branch of Emery's than listed above - German out of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they spread into Ohio,Indiana and Illinios and other points west. I obtained the book and have been in the process of updating it also.

        The Rumbargers - it was a 3 foot wide by 12 1/2 foot long handwritten I still have to scroll!

        The Kistlers of Cass, Pulaski county Indiana

      Today is