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3. John2 Sexton (Unknown)1 died Abt. 1763 in Lunenburg, VA (Source: VA Lunenburg Co Court Order Bk 9 12 May 1763.). He married . She died Unknown.

    Notes for John Sexton: From Willis Sexton
    Date: January 06, 2001 at 16:50:58
      VA Lunenburg Co Court Order Bk 9 12 May 1763
      Following orphans of John Sexton deceased were ordered to be bound out; William and Elizabeth, Benjamin and Archibald, and John. John Sexton and Robert Sexton had bought land in Lunenburg Co in 1759. Robert sold his in 1765, Charles sold John's in 1772.

    Posted by: Willis Sexton
    Date: July 25, 2001 at 19:54:15
      John Saxton bought 135 acres of land in Lunenburg Co Va on 3 Jul 1759 Lunenburg Co Deed Book 5 pg 416

      The Church Wardens of Cornwell Parish were ordered to bind out Benjamin, Archibald, William, Elizabeth and John Sexton, orphans of John Sexton on 12 May 1763. Lunenburg Co Court Order Book 9 pg 41

      Charles Sexton sold the 135 acre farm on 23 Mar 1772 Charlotte Co Deed Book 3 pg 145

      In 1783 a James Newell on a treasury warrant took possession of 300 acres on Rock Creek of New River to include the improvements of Will, Benjamin, Charles and John Sexton. Montgomery Co Entry Book B pg 27

    I'm not sure about this following, if this were the same John, he moved east from Augusta to Lunenberg Co. between 1742 and 1763.Not a normal pattern, but I offer it, just in case.

      Genealogical Records: Virginia Colonial Records, 1600's-1700's Virginia Colonial Soldiers, Courts Martial Records, P 319 Augusta Co.

      At a Court Martial held 15, Sept. 1742
      The return of Capt Hugh Thompson's delinquents:
      'Not appearing at a general muster: James Fisher, Jacob Gardner, JOHN SEXTON, William Linvel, Cornelies Bryan, Thomas Bryan, Jeremiah Harrison, Nicholas Brooke ---- (a long list of names appear after these)

      P 320
      The trial of Capt. Hugh Thompson's delinquents:
      Excused upon their returning and bearing arms under Capt. Hugh Thompson ---
      The same names appear including JOHN SEXTON

Children of John Sexton and Unnamed are:
    + 4 i. Charles Sexton, born Abt. 1745; died Unknown.
    + 5 ii. William Sexton, born February 11, 1746/47 in Lunenburg Co., VA; died December 31, 1830 in Corbin, Whitley, KY.
    6 iii. Elizabeth Sexton, born Abt. 1749; died Unknown.
      Notes for Elizabeth Sexton: Re: Peter Rawlings, Cornwall Parish Va 1763
      Posted by: Willis Sexton Date: March 16, 2001 at 20:01:20 In Reply to: Re: Peter Rawlings, Cornwall Parish Va 1763 by Ron Bourassa of 896

      Lunenburg Co VA Court Order Book 9 pg 41, 12 May 1763
      Ordered that the Church Wardens of Cornwall Parish bind out William and Elizabeth Sexton orphans of John Sexton deced to Peter Rawlings according to law.
    7 iv. Benjamin Sexton, born 1752 in VA; died 1831 in Bath Co., KY.
    8 v. Archibald Sexton, born Abt. 1755 in VA; died Abt. 1778 in Valley Forge Hospital.
      Notes for Archibald Sexton:
      Found at
        Personal ID: VA02345
        Last Name: Sexton First Name: Archibald Suffix:
        Rank: PRIVATE Rank Type: RANK AND FILE Ethnicity:
        Brigade: 2ND VA BRIGADE Company: CAPT. NATHAN REID
        State: VA Regiment: 14 VA Division: 5TH DIVISION
        Monthly Muster Roll Status
        December 1777: HOSPITAL
        January 1778: DIED
      Archibald's brother John, who enlisted in same regiment soon after Archibald enlisted, filed with State of Va in 1780s for land bounty, as sole surviving relative of Archibald. Claim was rejected. John stated that Archibald was killed at Battle of Brandywine

      Posted by: Willis Sexton Date: January 28, 2001 at 19:58:21
      Henry Barnes, Cornwall Parish VA 1763
      Henry Barnes lived in Cornwall Parish Lunenburg Co (later Charlotte Co) Va in 1763. Orphans Benjamin and Archibald Sexton were bound out to him. Would like any info on Henry Barnes and family. Willis Sexton
    + 9 vi. John Sexton, born Abt. 1759 in VA; died July 04, 1844 in Greene Co., TN.
    + 10 vii. Pryor Sexton, born Bet. 1754 - 1760; died September 18, 1835 in Grayson Co., VA;

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