David's Scottish Ancestry

Muirkirk Church

This photo was in amongest the photos of David's family:

Until 1626, this parish was a part of the parish of Mauchline. The Kirk session was the court of the parish. The session was made up of the minister and the land owners and business men of the parish, chosen to serve on the session. The Kirk session dealt with moral issues, minor criminal cases, matters of the poor and education, matters of discipline, and the general concerns of the parish. Kirk session records may also mention births, marriages, and deaths.

This Church sits on Kirk Green (Church Road) and the cemetery is on the back property of the church and what one would assume to be the parish residence also pictured below sits on Wellwood. This Church of Scotland building was erected in 1812 and renovated in 1883 at a cost of 1,000 and repaired in 1893, contains 800 sittings. The churchyard contains some interesting old gravestones. Views of the church today:

This is the picture his nephew brought home it is on down the on Wellwood Street on the corner of Wellwood & Glasgow Rd.:

it is the Muirkirk Evangelical Union Congregational Church - The E.U. Congregational Church stood on the corner of Glasgow Road and Wellwood Street.

A Congregational Church was formed about 1805 and continued until about 1835. The Evangelical Union Church was formed in 1854 and included many members from the older church. A building was erected that year; a second in 1894. Unfortunately the records of this church up to the year 1878 have been lost.

Built in 1878, the building ceased to be used for Christian worship in 1965. After closing, the building had a chequered history, at one time being used as a factory and for many years being allowed to fall into a semi-derelict state. A photograph of the EU Congregational Church when it had an active worshipping congregation can be seen amongst Jimmy Taylor's photographs on the Ayrshire History website. In recent years the building has been completely restored and is now an impressive private dweling house and Bed and Breakfast establishment.

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