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Please let me know of any problems that there is getting to any of the pages - the Side Navgation and the Site map should help you move around the site and find what you want - I haqve taken the link to the homebase at the library - - This was started for Jeff Kenney when he was at the library and doing the history pages and website for the history/genealogy. i have no idea if any of this is useful or appreciated - for now it will stay as is till i have time to get back to it and re-check it all - at leats the pages within "Just genealogy' should all work now - links no promises som may have vanished completely.

These pages are just a very very huge "Favorites" think of it as an expanded Internet Favorites - data base ! Warning most of the links within these pages - are OFF site links and once you leave Just Genealogy from the CUPL site or Just Genealogy site it will take you a while to get "back" to it by clicking the BACK BUTTON - so if you like this site as a reference tool place it in your personal FAVORITES column - for quicker access to it.

Also if you like the site(s) linked from these pages here then you can also place them into your "favorites" also; for easier access.

These pages are under construction and just a beginning!.

These are some useful links that I have found in aiding genealogy research from home or library computer. I have many more I have written here and there - or the page ripped out with the address - for future reference. There are at least 200 plus links on these pages. These includes the ones back to the Culver - Union Public Library Pages and the Just Genealogy pages too.

If you know of a link that is helpful to genealogy research - won't you submit it? Or if one of the links within does not work - [checked with "Xenu" said they were all working]; I will try and find these and see what the problem is. PLEASE be patient - if you find the problem or new link PLEASE let me know. There are more to be added to this update!
I have tried to place whether it is totally Free or if it is fee based (sometimes it is not given when listed elsewhere); or if access is required by sending a Gedcom -

I have so far come up with these symbols: $= fee based, membership required or fee required to obtain copies of articles whether paper or PDF, or download; I/S= allows free access to indexes or limited search or limited access to some of their data bases.

I have not visited every site - but is my wish list of sites. If you visit a site and find, or that is part fee based or fully fee based- won't you let me know so I can add to and mark accordingly - so others can be fore warned a fee may be requested. If you find details that would give more information about the sites that could be added on these pages let me know.

And - the motto is at the side of the page-

That is all it has been for me over the years - to share - to get maybe just to get one small tib-bit back that would benefit me if that - or nothing at all - Genealogy is only a money making source for those who know how to do it or take advantage of someone like me - or others - I have never learned the art of how to do it - or I have stupid & sucker or what ever written all over me - but of course I did not start into this for the money - I done it since 1976 but only to find my heritage and preserve it and that of my deceased husbands -- so I guess - the words stupid and sucker do fit very well - because I will share I will do for others concerning genealogy without asking for anything in return - just to preserve one tiny bit of my ancestry or help another to find theirs if at all possible - the Lake history - or what ever else - -

A special note - from a group of classmates - students of Mrs. Lowes:

      just wanted to take the time to write you and let you know that my classmates and I have really enjoyed using your page for our family tree and genealogy projects! My tutor, Mrs. Lowe, thought it would be nice if we wrote you a thank you note (by using her email) to let you know that it's been such a great help for us to learn all about researching our family history :)

      As a thank you, we thought it would be nice send along another resource that we came across during our projects. It has some great information and websites to help learn all about genealogy and tracing your roots that we thought could be helpful for others - But thanks again for your help!... Sincerely, Emma Masso (and the rest of Mrs. Lowe's students!)
Some general useful items:

This is the home site for several genealogy based search engines Search for Ancestorsand also free another free search engine site is Ancestor Hunt.com . These are useful besides Google, Yahoo, I Won etc. in locating family history - Genealogy> They are designed to filter out more of the other internet stuff not related to Genealogy.

This site Lineages Genealogy Toolkit that has free genealogy forms of all kinds: research logs, abstraction forms, census forms and much more. For the non-paper-less society! You can down load and printing out - the site is PDF format and needs Acrobat reader. Another site for forms and templates Family Tree Magazine; also as is the next too: Free genealogy Charts.

Freeware for genealogy: GedCom Utilities: Converts universal family tree into html. Other Gedcom versions are at: Ged2WWW for Mac & windows; html creates a single page for all members of one family. Utility programs for research notes by Bygones. Data based data-organizing by TreePad Lite

An internet site that no longer exists or having trouble with? Why not try the Internet Archive Way Back Machine type in the web url you have and you are transported back the web page!

What's up in the family history world? Find out at Genealogy Blog

How am I related to that newly found distant cousin? - go here

A resource guide for: source citation; international research resources and much more from ProGenealogist Internet site.

Family Health History using medical records. May save your life or a loved one's the FREE My Family Health Portrait software download from here.

Would you like a section on free software programs dealing with genealogy and web site design and tool's related to them?

Have no idea where to put this right now - looks like an interesting fun site for genealogy its called Internet Public Library

If you think an item needs to be under more than one "description menu" - me know PLEASE - these are your pages too!! I too hate it when I can't find what I thought was there - or forgot where I seen it. Also some can do double and even triple duty in the "description menu", I have started to do this and will continue to do it.

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