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James Easton Burns -8 was born 14 Dec 1886 in Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland. his birth is recorded as follows:

James Easton Burns born 14th December 1886 at 8 Richardland Road, Kilmarnock, The son of David Burns draughtsman, and Elizabeth Millar, married 25th December, 1885 at Bonhill.

James was the second in his family to migrate to America the firs being his brother William Millar Burns He sailed aboard the S.S. Pretorian Sailing from Glasgow 20th November 1909 and arriving at the Port of Boston, Massachusetts the nearest relative whence came from was his father David Burns 9 Arbuckle St. Kilmarnock his final destination was to be Pawtucket, Rhode Island and this destination ticket was paid for by his brother, William Millar Burns. He stated he was in possession of $25 and that he had never been in the United States before this date and that he was joining his brother William Millar Burns at 22 Ball_ St. Saylesville Rhode Island. It ssems Ball St. no longer exist nor does Saylesville this is what comes up the red ballon is Saylesville and the purple is Parker St.

Boston Passenger and Crew Lists, 1820-1943.
Name: James E Burns
Arrival Date: 1 Dec 1909
Age: 22 years 11 months
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1887
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Scottish (Scotish)
Port of Departure: Glasgow, Scotland
Ship Name:Pretorian
Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts
Friend's Name: Wm Burns [actually brother]
Last Residence: Scotland
Birthplace: Kilmarnock, Scotland

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This seems the most likely canidate for him on the 1910 census:

1910; Census Place: Pawtucket Ward 2, Providence, Rhode Island; Roll T624_1441; Page: 11A; Enumeration District: 121

Name: James Barnes [James Burnes]
Age in 1910: 25
Estimated birth year: abt 1885
Birthplace: Scotland
Relation to Head of House: Boarder
Father's Birth Place: Scotland
Mother's Birth Place: Scotland
Home in 1910: Pawtucket Ward 2, Providence, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members: Name Age
James Thompson 46
Margarite Thompson 42
Bessie Thompson 19
James Thompson 17
William Guille 22
James Barnes 25

How and when he ended up in Chicago, Cook, Illinois is a mystery but he was there on 29 July 1912.

It is unknown if he returned for a visit to Scotland in between his leaving on 20th November 1909 and their arrival but since another child, a son, was born to the couple soon after his wife’s arrival on 31 Jan 1913 it is presumed that he had tho no record has been found to date. this vist would of Occured of occcured no later than in April 1912 with him return to the United States or Canada no later than in June, to be there ahead of his family.

He was presumably at a Mrs. Ashcroft's at 6453 St. Lawrence Avenue in Chicago, Cook, Illinois and it is also assumed that this was a boarding house. This is general area the house could of been the one mext to it as it could appear that the corner lot is "vacant"

On the Corner of E 65th Street and S. Lawerene Avenue in between S. Chmaplan Avenue and S. Rhodes Avenue a broader view of the area:

In 1917/1918 even tho an ailen he had to register for the United States draft> By his draft registration card it asked Have you ever done any military or naval service in this country of any other country? Where, how long, what branch, rank? he was a Corporal; he served 4 years; and was in the Royal Scottish [-?-]; 4 years and for Great Britian.

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Indiana; Registration County: Marshall; Roll: 1653566
Name: James Easton Burns
County: Marshall
State: Indiana
Birthplace: Scotland
Birth Date: 14 Dec 1886
Race: Caucasian (White)

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This previous millitary service noted on his draft registration could be as a part of the The Royal Scots Fusiliers:

The above is the cap badge of the Royal Scots Fusiliers

The Royal Scots Fusiliers, the 21st Foot, were raised in 1678 by the 5th Earl if Mar in response to internal instability in Scotland. Mar’s Regiment quickly gained the distinction of becoming a Fusilier Regiment and by 1695 was officially known as the Scots Fusiliers. The distinction of Fusilier deriving from those elite troops armed with the new flintlock musket known as a ‘Fusil’. The Regiment achieved Royal status in 1712. Among the Regiment’s nicknames, the most treasured was that of ‘Marlborough’s Own’ gained following 10 years of distinguished service under the great Duke of Marlborough (1702 - 1712 ). During this time the Regiment fought in the great battles of Blenheim and Ramilles amongst others. At the Cardwell reforms of 1881 the Regiment became officially the County Regiment of Ayrshire in South West Scotland. Unlike the Highland Light Infantry this reform did not lead to amalgamation as the 21st already possessed two battalions

We do know that his brother David Boswell Did serve in the unit by his military papers.

We also know he had yet to apply for citizenship by 5 June 1917 as he stated himself as being an "alien" on his draft registration above. The 1940 census states that he was natrualized - but so did it for his son David Boswell Burns who was not naturalized until 18 November 1942 thus it feels that the answers to these questions in the 1940 cesus was improperly recorded for Agnes, James, and their son David Boswell (1909-1990)

By his draft registration for World War I he stated his occupation as bricklayer and his employer as James I Barnes Company and at the Culver Military Academy. This construction company during this period was actively hired for building projects at the Culver Military Academy thus it is safe to assume this is the reason the Burns family arrived in Culver sometime in 1914

David related was how Jim had turned over the deed to the house on Neuvea Gorda for possibly nothing but a bottle of whiskey; but no proof of how true this statement was ever found. David said he could find no paper work for the sale of the house and how it got into someone elses name. It was lost some time after Agnes' death on 12 Jan 1955 as it was stated she lived at this address and owned the home and when Jim died on 17 Feb 1961 as his address was given as South Main Street and I was told he lived directly across the street from David and Freda which is 422 S. Main as a boarder.

He died 14 Feb 1961 in Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana from Pulmonary edema,Cardiac failure,Broncho-pnenmona, cerebrovascular accident and was buried 17 Feb 1961 in Culver Masonic Cemetery, Culver, Marshall, Indiana. copy of death certificate

Indiana State Death Certificates, '61-006024 Palce of death: Marshall, Plymouth, Parkview Hospital
usual residence: Indiana, Marshall, Culver, South Main Street
Name: James Edward Burns
died: Feb. 14, 1961
sex: male; color: white; widowed
born Dec. 14, 1883; age: 77
Brick layer contract work
birthplace: Scotland; citizen of U.S.A.
parents unknown
Informant: David Burns 419 S. Main Street Culver, Indiana
James O. Coursey Jr. M.D. 109 Walnut Plymouth, In. dated 2-16-61
burial Feb 17, 1961 Culver Masonic Cem. Culver, Ind.
Filed 2-18-61 Paul S. Cor____ Health Officer
Easterday Funer'l Home, Culver, Ind.

and his obituary as follows:

Services to be Held Thursday For James Burns
Local Bricklayer A Colorful Scot

James Edward Burns, age 77, died early Tuesday morning at Parkview Hospital, Plymouth, following a short illness.

Mr. Burns was born in Scotland. Dec. 14, 1883, and came to Canada in 1913 where he spent a few months before going to Chicago.

He moved to Culver in 1915. He spent his enitre life working as a bricklayer and was a 50--year member of the Bricklayer's' union. He had a part in the erection of several famous buildings in Northern Indiana.

Father of fire Chief

Jim Burns, father of Fire chief david Burns, was one of our most friendly and colorful citizens. His warm and cheerful Scotch brogue will be missed along Main Street. He delighted in telling of his many humorous experiences both here and along famed Princes Street in Edinburgh.

His wife, Agnes, preceded him in death Jan. 12, 1955. surviving relatives include two sons, David, culver and Thomas Michael, Henderson, Nev.; one brother, William of New York city; eight grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Services have been scheduled at2 p.m. Thursday at the Easterday funeral Home where friends may call. The Rev. Charles L Haney will officiate and burial will be at the Culver Masonic Cemetery. Culver Citizen, p. , 15 Feb 1961.

James married (MRIN:5184) Agnes Maxwell Thomas -7, daughter of Michael Thomas -250 and Janet Maxwell -251 (MRIN:1452), on 5 Feb 1909 in Murikirk, Ayer, Scotland. Their marriage is found recorded:

5th February, 1909, At Main Street, Muirkirk, after Banns according to the Forms of the United Free Church, James Easton Burns, journeyman Bricklayer, bachelor, aged 22 of 9 Arbuckle Street, Kilmarnock. The son of David A. Burns, desinger, and Elizabeth Miller. AND Agnes Thomas, domestic servant, spinster, aged 22, of 9 Arbuckle Street, Kilmarnock. The daughter of Michael Thomas, Coalminer, and Janet Cannon Certificate #4.

Agnes was born 27 Mar 1884 in Garronhill, Muirkirk, Ayr, Scotland. Her birth is recorded as follows:

Agnes Thomas born 27th March 1884 at Garronhill, Murikirk. The illegitmate daughter of Michael Thomas, coalminer, and Janet Maxkwell.

She emigrated to America with her son David Boswell Burns who was 3 years old. In 1912 they sailed from Glasgow, Scotland on the U.S.S. Hesperian and entered the Port of Quebec, Canada on 29 July 1912 she stated that the of the nearest relative whence they came from was her father Michael Thomas Bridge St. Muirkirk, Scotland from the Port of Quebec she took the Grand Trunk Railway to Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan entering there on 31 July 1912 where they entered the United States and their final destination was to be Chicago, Cook, Illinois. and this destination ticket was paid for by her husband James Easton Burns . She stated she was in possession of $11 and that she had never been in the United States before this date and that she was joining her husband James Easton Burns c/o Mrs. Ashcroft at 6453 St. Lawrence Avenue in Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956
Name: Mrs Agnes Burns
Arrival Date: 29 Jul 1912
Age: 26
Birth Date: abt 1886
Birth Country: Scotland
Gender: Female
Race/Nationality: Scotch (Scotish)
Ship Name: Hesperian
Port of Arrival: Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Port of Departure: Glasgow, Scotland.

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She died 12 Jan 1955 in Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana and was buried 14 Jan 1955 in Culver Masonic Cemetery, Culver, Marshall, Indiana. copy of death certificate

Indiana State Death Certificates, #2335
Place of Death: Marshall, Plymouth Sherman Nursing Home
Usual residence: Indiana, Marshall, Culver S. Neuve Gorde
Name: Agnes Burns
death: Jan 11, 1955
sex female; color white
married; born 1883; housewife; owns own home
born: Scotland; Citizen of U.S.A.
parents unknown
Informant: David Burns, son, Culver, Indiana
C. G. Mackey M.D. Culver, Indiana
signed Jan 13, 1955
burial Jan 14, 1955 Culver Masonic Cemetery Culver, Indiana
filed 1-14-55 L. W. Vore M.D. Health officer
Easterday Fun'l Home Culver, Indiana

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