David's Scottish Ancestry

Some tales of James and Agnes Burns

I never knew Jim or Ag but their son David related to me the more his father drank the straighter and stiffer he would walk, he was 6ft at least; also that his scotish brogue got thicker and more prominent.

David related that one time he was called to come up town and get his father and take him home from the Corner Tavern (at Main St. & Madison St. now Corn Dance Cafe). When he arrived he found his father out in the front street with one knee in the gutter and one up on the crub crawling in between Jefferson St. and Madison St. singing at the top of his lungs and in the thick scottish brogue "I'll take the high roand and ye'll take the low road and "I'll" be home before ye"

Another story was that could of been on among many I do believe was that Jim and Ag got into an arquement at the "Corner" and Ag stormed out and home and locked all the doors except the storm door to the back porch which contained a cot. Ag stood at the kitchen door and each time Jim raised his head from the cot she would conk him on the head with a square glass coke bottle [they did exist]. When Jim arouse the next morning he had a painfully smashing headache and he preceded to feel his head counting the bumps and questionabley stating that he had fell off the cot ___ times during the night! David also related was how Jim had turned over the deed to the house on Neuvea Gorda for possibly nothing but a bottle of whiskey; but no proof of how true this statement was ever found. David said he could find no paper work for the sale of the house and how it got into someone elses name.

David also told that how as kids both him and his brother Mike would work and bring the money home and what little they got was confiscated by Jim or Ag and used for drinking. He related they had little observance of holidays also. Besides this he hardly talked of his and Mike's childhood and teenage years.

Shortly after David died in Aug. 1990 sometime after Jan. 1991 I worked part time as dietary aide at Miller Merry Manor at Culver and met Chester Crump noting my naming and asking if I knew David and related to him - after telling him I was his wife he asked me if I knew Jim and Ag and I said no and he related this story: Of course the senerio was that they had been at the "corner" Ag went home made - - Just before Jim came home she had put on the stove a large cast iron skillet of sliced potatoes and onions and was frying them in lard. Jim saddled up to her trying to sweet talk, Ag continued to stir ingnoring all of Jim's conjouling and Jim continued his sweet talking and when the potatoes and onions were done without turning around Ag lifted the skillet with both hands and promptly turned skillet and contents over Jim's head getting absolutely none on her. This had to be a feat in its self was Ag was only 5 ft. or under!

There are probably many many more untold stories of this colorfully couple but all who knew them are possibly dead by now [24 Oct 2002] and are now lost to us forever

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