David's Scottish Ancestry

Burns on Neuvea Gorda House Photos

By the 1920 census they rented the home they lived no street name was given and 1930 they owned where they resided on Neuvea Gorda ; the 1940 census only asked if you were living in the same place as you were on 1 April of 1935 - so it would be asssumed the were still living at the Neuvea Gorda

This is the way the house looked about 2005 they had sided it since I had first saw it in the mid 1970-'s then it was still white clapboard siding.

This is the house that David related was how Jim had turned over the deed to the house on Neuvea Gorda for possibly nothing but a bottle of whiskey; but no proof of how true this statement was ever found. David said he could find no paper work for the sale of the house and how it got into someone elses name. It was lost some time after Agnes' death on 12 Jan 1955 as it was stated she lived at this address and owned the home and when Jim died on 17 Feb 1961 as his address was given as South Main Street and I was told he lived directly across the street from David and Freda whic is 422 S. Main as a boarder.

There must of been some fond memories of living there as occasionally we would drive by it when we were out riding around town or the lake.

This is high on a knoll on the west side of town in the area that was once the "Assmbley Grounds" between the trees one could see the lake.

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