David's Scottish Ancestry

Below is the tombstone David built in the spring of 1962 it is said in the back yard at 419 S. Main St. It would have been interesting to see it built. I am sure he was told that with the unique shape it could not be built in stone as he was told in the early 1980's that a circular stair case could not be built - but he done the impossible in stone work and uniquely and with perfection. What more of a site would of been was seeing how it was transported approximately 5 blocks down Main Street to the cemetery. I myself would really assume that it was constructed on site but can not say for sure as I was never told how it was built - tho from the experience of watching David worked he possible used some type of form that was pliable enough to from the "heart shape" and to keep the stones in symmetrical order up each side.

this wreath should be hanging on David's tombstone from the widow - but certain family members will not allow it and if anything is put up by the widow it will be ripped off by them as they have done with others that were put there in the past.

The order form for the Dark Odessa Granite plaques for the names and marriage data were ordered on 12 Mar 1962. a letter dated 1 May 1962 send regrets that the stones would not be there for at least another 10 days; as being shipped by truck from Delano, Minnesota and as well as the warranty for the plaques. David left all the papers of the tombstone in safe keeping with his wife and now widow - Judith - and now she knows why -

David had encapsulated a small army mortar shell into the stone work as a small vault -a small time capsule and it was not to be tampered with - but it was hammered opened and the contents removed this vandalism on or before 20 Oct 2001; it was out of greed and curiosity finally that got the best of some one. Or did someone had the high hopes of finding information out about the adopted son? Hoping the adoption papers were within the mortar shell???

A FAMILY MEMBER was told in 1961 or 1962 while he was building it the backyard what POSSIBLY was being placed in it was their original marriage certificate; their wedding band; some jewelry and some papers - BUT David was vague - but - he also said IT WAS NO BODY'S ___ ____ BUSINESS what else was being placed in it by him; was what he told this FAMILY MEMBER also. Also what was actually placed within the cylinder by him could of been very different than was told to this FAMILY MEMBER - REMEMEBER his words - NO BODY'S BUSINESS!.

David never did not enlightened me as to what was in it only that it was there and the contents was NOT ANYONE'S BUSINESS - that is was to be LEFT UNTOUCHED by all! Also over the years he had told many of the cylinder and its existence and his wishes concerning it - IT WAS TO BE LEFT ALONE.

Also I do know that over the years he told his employees about the tombstone, the cylinder and his wishes - as there was times the widow was present or was within earshot - when he was telling the employees and others as well about the cylinder - and that he wanted HIS tombstone maintained after he was gone. The cylinder in the tombstone was NO SECRET to anyone - David made sure of that during his lifetime - WHY is not unknown but HE MADE SURE that people KNEW IT WAS THERE - even his youngest children who had no interest in it all - but he did for some mysterious reason.

It was the perfect air tight time capsule (DAVID KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING AND HOW TO DO IT!) - as the PLASTIC (a large square piece of Visquene (SP?) - consruction plastic - ) the contents was wrapped in was not yellowed, brittle or crumbling or falling apart; the remaining remnants of black electric tape that remained on the PLASTIC - that had held the PLASTIC closed was pliable and not brittle as the PLASTIC it self was not brittle also - the only damage to the PLASTIC was the tiny holes where it had been ripped out of the tube as by that it had been wrapped and tucked under neath the cap of the mortar shell - David himself said that it was a mortar shell and where he had gotten it.

All that wass found by the widow was the cylinder hammered and cheisled opened - and the PLASTIC wrapper which was stuffed back into the mortar shell or cylinder - AFTER it was already broken into -

The piece of PLASTIC was LEFT BEHIND - WHY? and why it was LET BEHIND by the culprit or culprits - stuffed back into the cylinder is beyond me - but it was and it was thrown at the police officer the day the vandalism was reported in October of 2001 - the last I seen it it was laying on the floor board of the police car. A police report was taken but never filed or acted on upon ( as no signatures - were requested - WHY?????? Was it because they claimed it was not VANDALISM - since as the officials put it FAMILY DONE IT and it was excusable by all; - SORRY that does not cut it then or today or forever! As police officals said was "FAMILY" who done it and inferred that no further investigation, prosecution and or charges could be filed or was warranted.

But it was still was VANDALISM - no matter who done it as the one who has the papers for the tombstone did not give permission - and they will only go to her children, Nancy or Ricks.

The deed has been done and is true dis-respect for the memory of David and is wishes; How rude this person or persons was, the lack of respect for David and Freda is fully beyond me! No matter who done it and why it is VANDALISM and they did desecrate David and Freda's grave - and if it was done like the police told me "by family" then they truly are they ones who are not a "Burns".

It does not matter what was in it, the value of it - WHAT MATTERED was that David had placed items into the mortar shell to be with Freda and him from her death to eternity - he did not wish for "family" or anyone else to have these items! The one or those who done the deed will one day reap their just rewards - they are the rude one or ones they are the one or ones who lack the respect. I truly certainly hope that one or ones who done the dastardly deed don't have trouble sleeping at night because of their selfishness. I do hope David haunts who ever done the dastardly deed and those who had a part in it and was present when it was done -

If expressing ones thoughts about the act of the vandalism and decreation of David and Freda's tombstone is "total disrespect" of a living or deceased person - so be it! If having to overlook, approve the dastardly deed and be forgiving of the vandalism and desecration is criteria for being refereed to as a "Burns" or thought of as being a true "Burns" - then I am glad not to be considered a "Burns" by certain family members!

Also since 1994 any wreath that has been put on by a certain family member has been ripped off, destroyed and thrown on the ground; or the attempt to rip it off of the eye hook has been made - it has to be deliberately done by other family members as they have been wired on. This has occurred again between the morning of 10 of January and the evening of 11 January 2006; it was a Grape vine wreath with blue flowers that was put on by Nancy Jimenez and the widow; Nancy has been fully upset over the years that the wreaths have been destroyed or attempted to be destroyed by others in the family; as they are wired on and have to be literally pulled off or intentionally cut off by another person or persons. It is sad to think other family members are so disrespectful to the memory of their father or grandfather to do such a dastardly deed.

Well on 27 May 2006 family members hit again trying to cabbage up the tombstone with a BLACK stone and tan latex window putty or caulking to seal the hole - it was stick - rubbery and no glue or cement product. The work that was done to counter act the vandalism done on or about 20th October 2001 was no tribute to David or the quality of work he done - in fact it was an insult to the man and his work!

David was a perfectionist in all his masonry work - and much of it still stands around the lake today. This is vandalism to the tombstone - even tho it was an attempt to cover up the dastardly deed done years back. Also especially so if the person holding the deeds and warranties has not given permission to do work of any type to the tombstone and have been told by a lawyer of this fact. I reported it to the police - and asked for the mess to be cleaned up - Well it was - sometime before the morning of the 28th - It is now cemented shut with a stone matching the color of the stones around it - it only took 4 years 7 months and about 7 days to get it done properly!.

Over the years David taught several of the local boys the art of laying brick, stone etc. along with building seawall's - his one requirement was that they help maintain the tombstone after he was gone and do any necessary repair work on it - this story came from David himself - one of the workers went down and tucked pointed it shortly after his death in 1990 - till this day I do not think anything has been done by any of them to keep their promise to him. - The widow had been trying to get it done and had approached two of the former employees after the deed was done and asked them to go down and repair it properly - but like their boss - it seems other work came before - donated work then after a while only continued asking the one employee but with no results; everytime she saw him to no avail, David did teach them well! I have no idea who repaired it - and have not been told - but who ever done it and for whom ever the widow does express a "thank you" - It finally is done the way David would of repaired it!

Now seeing this would not a pure jet black stone placed within the mortar shell stick out like a sore thumb? Even is the shell rim would of been camofloughed with cement which in time would of seperates and flaked off from around it.

Shortly after this a letter recived by another also - stating:

Are you aware that before Grandpa Dave died and more than once told _ something was in that stone? A way of telling... that... might want to open it. ... waited several years before opening it. I can't know for sure but I am very suspicious that it had been opened before the...

This confirmed who I had always thought had actually done it but had no solid proof of it, I can thank the family member for being so candid to another. I guess by this statement that the person opening it felt very justified in doing so. But as I stated earlier: It does not matter what was in it, the value of it - WHAT MATTERED was that David had placed items into the mortar shell to be with Freda and him from her death to eternity - he did not wish for "family" or anyone else to have these items! This above all should of been respected by the rest of the family. To me it did not matter what was within the mortor shell it was personal, it was private and it should of been respected until the time the tombstone fell apart it it ever does, I just hope those who done it can live with themselves and enjoy what ever it was that was within.

another had been sent to me earlier undated except for a bleared postmark - stating:

We all know how very rude and unkind you were to _ about the grave stone.

This was received in early Jan 2006 as the day was only one digit it was very rudely addressed using my maiden name and using my own name and address as the sender it was signed by only one family group save 2 people. Also I never talked to any of the "local" or "local area" family bout the vanadlism to the tombstone what use would there have been to talk to them - I was wrong for feeling the way I did about it I was wrong for feeling ill-will that no matter WHO DONE IT and I really did not have a clue as to who did it - until nearly 5 years later. Tho I did make known my displeasure in that it had been done. I am sure that if I had done it as some of them calimed I would of been immediately proscuted by the so-called family even tho I was the widow and "family".

Still in my mind to today WHO ever done it wanted me to know that it had been done - and see if I would personally confront any family members on a "one to one" basis's; BUT instead I treated it as it should of been reporting it to the local police THEY are the ones who implicated "FAMILY" - not me - giving no names jus "family done it" As it could of been properly sealed back up after it was done - I believe if done right the tip could of possibly been welded back on and ground down the only clue would of been if one was "close up" would of been the discoloration of the metal and the weld seam. NEVER ever did I ever name a certain person or perons being sole responsible for the the vandalims - so the shoe must of fitted several of the comment I got from the police - "family done it"

But for the so-called fake police report that was made I had to give the officer all the names of the older children no matter if they lived in Culver or the Culver area and I also had to give them mine and David's children Susie and David and their possible location as HE ASKED for the infromation- its a wonder he did not want a list of all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

Like I said he told alot of people about it, the boys he hired, me and with me he always prefaced it was to be LEFT ALONE and the contents was to have been no ones _ _ buisness I always wondered why he was so candid about it if it was to be left alone. It had not ever been tampered with or opened before on or before 20 Oct 2001 it was a small metal army mortar shell with only the very tip of if showing as if jsut to be another rock and it would of showed the marks of being tampered with and it never showed any scratched etc. until that fateful day.

I guess I just have a weird sense of values and respect. Because of this one family member told me I am not a Burns and would never be considered one and that I seem to lack respect...

Today is