My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...


I am still here at least... I think I am... And I wonder sometimes why and how... Be patient with me as a lot on my plate, also I moved everything off of "Katy's Account" was able to claim "Pasttrackers" domain without a great big hassle. Hopefully can start back wokring on thsi

Never was sure what was fully going on with Katy Hestand-Soots contact has been sporatic for the last 3+ yeara -

A lot has happened the last 26 years... the last 3 years... the last 2 years and the past 6 weeks... I have fallen so behind I don't thin I will ever catch up....

Also I have been caregiver and live in friend for a family since May 1994 - since that time I have seen been trhough
  • the grandmother die in November 2002;
  • the son had silent heart attacks & syent put in in April 2007 and now the only living member I care for and had Stage4 Lung cancer since October 2017 - has been through 3 clinical studies; 3 - 10 day radiation treaments - many CT-Scans and now going througn a chemo treatment of 2 sessions every 3 weeks. He is being treated at Indiana Medical/Simon Caner Center which is approximaterly a 200 mile trip each day and all trips are made daily as its cheaper than motel rooms
  • The father had open heart surgerty in Feb. 2009 - valve replacement and a small bypass. In May & June 2012 he had Catract surgery on his eyes. In November 2016 he as diagnoised with not making enough red blood cells and jak2 v617f mutation and battled Myelodysplastic Syndrome, unspecified/Myelofibrosis having 1 or 2 units of blood transfusions every week finaly loosing the battle in Jun3 2018
  • The mother had sinus node dysfunction & had a pace maker place in in Jul 2003; Left Carotid Artery Surgery done November 2004 and before she could have the right side down she had a full right side stroke affecting her logic, such as in science and mathematics and paraylizing her wholel right side. SHe ended up in nurising home in Decemeber 2004 and had multiple other healt issues occured till her death in Decemeber 20018

  • In 2012 I could fianaly start to think to restore my house thats 100-114 years old and at; plans have changed and it will be a "Rebuild"

    and the Help Save Ny House - its now "REBUILD" I lost my battle with my dream

    So between mmy caregiving for my friend, my rebuild project; clean-up of 5.3A where I live now my hands are full. My hands are full... I am exhausted... My friend comes first, followed by clean-up of the 5.3A....followed by my house. Somehow I will be back.... I will not give up.... Meantime since Novemebr 2009 I have placed most of my genealocial research on GENI, ' feel free to come join me there

    The pages within were a result of 44 years of research on my part (I started (1976) and many more of distant cousins who are now deceased - all much older than I was. Tho I only met a very few of them - I was very privileged to be able to correspond with them and they freely sharing either outlines and/or data also. this was back in the "dark ages" of snail-mail as its called now, pen/pencil and paper or typewriter.

    If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance." -- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

    Any and all new data, corrections, complaints etc. can be sent to: also if you have suggestions, and any information, pictures etc. to share of the families being researched.

    All this is a labor of love (some say insanity???) - and had been done for free over the years excepting the Hardesty and McKee manuscripts which were done as a Xerox project, there were those wishing to pay at times but it was limited to the cost of the Xeroxing and postage many a copy where given free to those who helped gather material find ancestors and descendants and promote the effort to make the booklet(s) and to libraries to make sure there was a preserved copy. The 1982 Emery Book was published with the help of ancestors pre-purchasing a book(s) since all wanted to see the section on John Emery of Newbury updated but that again covered only the printing and postage costs.

    paypal gifts/donations

    Best wishes to all and my good returns in family researching

    Yours in genealogy,
    Judith Elaine (McKee) Burns

    Today is