My Greene County Indiana Ancestors & More...


1st Off I am sorry that I have been distracted the last 14 years its been a rough ride in a sense - I live as a caregiver with friend (it all really began to go down hill in 2002 but was able to keep up). In 2003 the one friend had a pacemaker put in sinus node dysfuction; then started passing out in March of 2004 she had catriod artery surgery done on one side first weekend in Novemebr and 2 weeks later started to have mini-strokes and a local HOspital ER would not listen by the end of that week she was in Indianapolis Hosptial with full right side stroke and followed by being transfered to a local nursing home 4th of December 2004; next was her son finally after 11 years found out exactly what he had thanks to change of heart doctor - Acute Myocardial Infraction and 100% blocked Right Coronary artery...and barely got him to hospital our seleves (his father) and I he had a stent put in... now in Octonber 2018 he has been diagnoised with Lung Cancer and taking him to I.U. Medical/Cimon Cancer Center patricipating in a clinical study...

next was his father in Jan-Mar 2009 in and out of hospital for tests ect ended with open heart surgery for a bad vavule and a small bypass, then April May 2012 was Catract surgery also for him.... in Nov. 2016 he was diagonsied with JAK2V16f mutant and his bone marrow is/has dring up his blood count is no higher than 8.6 and has been as low as 5.5 not making red blood cells relant on blood transfusions every 2-3 weeks ever since...

In Oct 2011 I started getting my teeth pulled took till 2013 to accomplish... besides that I don't know if i have any other health problems I can't afford to be own... not sure of doctors anymore and can't afford the extra expens...

2nd I Have gotten this very selfish dream to save My 114+ old house (click "MyHouse" on side bar or the Facebook page is here; there is a go-fundme link for donations also on the Facebook page - just like it pass it on to friends if you like my dream and support it - that will be encouragement enough... its goign to be a long haul...

Sorry to have rattled on... going to try and get my act together this coming year... on my genealogy and sites.

Lastly and long forgetten except for what is written here....- I was in the process of going to change fully to my friends hosting-service/server in May 2011 and had started with my PAF (Personal Ancestry Files) generated files. I had converted all separate files of 5-6 into one big file - some where along the way it has became inoperateable to make GEDCOMS that are needed to reconstruct the TNG (The Next Generation) files at present on my personal lines I am unable to generate needed GEDCOMS to restore my personal ancestry into TNG and as a result can I am having trouble making new web pages generated by PAF. I hope I can restore the TNG generated files very soon.

Also the progress of this site has been halted some because there has been major issues the past couple of years I am sorry for this and it is beyond my control by having to share a server site and some programs (as yet have do not have the confidence to maintain a full webstite on my own - I can do html and ftp):
  • Katy was hit BIG - TIME by a MALICOIUS, VENDICTIVE computer hacker in 2010-11
  • My XP 2 80g drive CPU all of a sudden went black about the 29th of Aug. 2008
    • Repair costs exceeded $400 and was prefaced with “We can’t promise it will work”

      I was able to find a “FREE” ’95 Tiger CPU unit – which had to be de-programmed , also it was only 1.2g single drive; I also had an offer of a ‘98SE Aptiva IBM CPU unit if I met the person half way between here and Connersville which was just on the north edge of Indianapolis at Westfield. – it was a 4.5g drive

    • Finally on 31st Dec. 2009 I was able to afford an off the shelf HP Windows7 computer.
    • Less than 6 months later the modem went out on it and had to be shipped back to the factory
    • About 17th April 2011 my dial-up internet went down it would not even come up on the Aptiva I kept for back-up the internet service PWRTC blamed Centurylink but we had full use of out going and incoming calls on the landlines – thus a change to Cenutrylink but had to wait until April 1st.
      I was also a part of INGenWeb as county coordinator for 4 sites besides Assistant State Coordinator from September 2011; because of some things that went down I have left INGenWeb completely taking my sites with me leaving behind data that was there when I started and a little I done. It will be fun to dedicate myself to my websites again and work as I feel on them without feeling pressured. I officially quit INGenWeb as of 14 August 2012.

      PLEASE be patient as I re-work through these pages - to see which ones converted correctly; and work on the missing graphics.

      The family book pages had been generated with Personal Ancestral File. and most were generated in 2003 and some have not converted from the original server I was one which was Rootsweb; and another shared server site genwiz in between Pasttrackers.

      Needles to say if it were not for bad luck I would have no luck at all. At times I have felt overwhelmed about it, discouraged - I spend hours on here

      and into the wee hours of the morning and get snarled at that I am reuinging my health, I am killing myself and nobody really care about what I do on here - BUT It keeps me alive - It keeps me going - - it gives me some kind of hope that I am worth while and my life means something.

      If you do not have a genealogical data base program you are using you can go get Personal Ancestral File, which is a product of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is downloadable for "FREE". Another free version is Legacy 7.5. There are many other genealogy programs out there for purchase also - the the LDS was the leader in the evolution of making a workable genealogical data entry program -

      Also there are many online services such as 'MY Family', 'My Heritage' and 'GENI' but please BEWARE these are limited to function and after a certain poitn requires a monthly subscription in order to continue working with them - also beware you may not be able to download your material from them so keep a copy of everything you share on these sites on a computer based program.

      All my personal ancestry has been all transferred into one big file from 5 separate files back into PAF (Personal Ancestral File) which is what I have been using over the last 16 years and then it has been Gedcom-ed so it could be transferred to the TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding) program - under Burns-McKee Heritage; link to it on the side bar. the TNG program allows instant additions and corrections to be made online, and I have to manually enter all into the PAF (the master file). the TNG will eliminate the constant need for re-generating web pages from PAF it also allows for all notes, comments, documentation and sourcing to be available to all. I am in the process of cleaning up the PAF master file as I have merged all five separate files into one - this may be a mistake but it eliminates alot of headache to make sure all are merged properly as a result double documentation and notes occurred = same as if merging the 5-6 separate files presenting alot of other problems -

      The pages within are a result of 36 years of research on my part(I started (1976) and many more of distant cousins who are now deceased - all much older than I was. Tho I only met a very few of them - I was very privileged to be able to correspond with them and they freely sharing either outlines and/or data also. this was back in the "dark ages" of snail-mail as its called now, pen/pencil and paper or typewriter.

      I have been trying to find various ways to share and preserve this information on a "FREE" giving basis - several thought to be have turned started forcing users into subscription fees in order to access their own data after freely giving it , in order to merge, add data or down load data. Some are even trying to force library access use of their sites which to me is un-acceptable since all my files are on my home computer and what I use to enter data from; besides the many files and documents I yet have to scan in and that I reference too; and my collection of Greene county Indiana sitting on my shelves I have collected over the years. I refuse to be forced to lug any of this to a library in order to use an online data base site -

      If you have trouble accessing the TNG data bases please contact either at (subject line is set-up for TNG) so I can inform Katy or diretcly at (again subject line is set-up for TNG)

      Today is